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Coach Bobby Banna’s Tribute

Bobby Banna’s Autobiography

Bobby Banna is the product of Catholic school education. Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary School and John Carroll High School in Birmingham, Alabama provided the educational and ethical foundation that would be a part of his coaching philosophy. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from McNeese State University. In 1959, he became the assistant football coach at Catholic High in New Iberia, Louisiana. While there, he was part of the only State Championship team of the Catholic High Panthers’ program. In 1968, he took a job at then USL as offensive line coach and head baseball coach. During his tenure as offensive line coach, USL received its first post-game invitation to participate in the Grantland Rice Bowl. As the head baseball coach, his team tied for the Gulf States Conference championship, and he received the Coach of the Year honor in 1970.

He left USL in 1974 and continued his coaching career in the parochial and public schools of Lafayette. He served as an assistant coach at Acadiana High and as head football coach at Comeaux High. He retired in 1997 after thirty-five years of coaching. In retirement, he pursued a late interest in golf. His foursome included Jack Lane, Al Dee and retired USL basketball coach, Beryl Shipley. When the opportunity presented itself, Banna became a marshal at the Wetlands. His daughters were delighted that he had gotten his whistle back. Coach Banna has been married to Charlene Vines ( SLI ’59) for fifty-three years. They have three daughters, Kay Aillet and her husband Larry, Elizabeth Dunn, and her husband Gary, and Carol Whitehurst and her husband, Jeff. They are the proud grandparents of Lauren and Catherine Aillet, Patrick and Caroline Dunn, and Gus and Elizabeth Whitehurst.

When asked about his coaching philosophy, Coach Banna said that in dealing with his players, he always demanded that they dedicate themselves to hard work and discipline. He stressed that these traits would see them through the difficult times they would encounter on the playing field. He hoped that they would also see the value of this preparation in their daily lives. He also STRONGLY encouraged them never to be quitters but always to give their best to reach their goals.

Coach Banna said that in all of his years of coaching, he encountered many outstanding young men who impacted his life in a very positive way. He further stated that he was very proud of all of them and grateful to have been a part of these amazing men’s lives. He was humbled by any acknowledgement that they felt the need to say “thank you” for the small part that he played in their success.

Submitted by Bobby and Charlene Vines Banna (USL ’59) on 3/7/2017.

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Posted by Dr. Ed Dugas athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu

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Living Memorials (LM) posted below were submitted by former players and support groups who were part of the two athletic programs while Coach Banna was coaching at the university. They were posted in the order in which they were received by the AN. Former Banna athletes may submit their LM at any time by emailing them to athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu

Charles Bordes, Baseball 68-72; Johnny Patout, Baseball 71-74; Randy Raymond, Football, 69-72; and Richard “Dicky” Haik, Football 68-71 comprised the Executive Committee for the Coach Bobby Banna Tribute. A special acknowledgement is made to all who contributed to the success of this electronic tribute to Coach Bobby Banna, one of the university’s outstanding coaches.

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Mark Trosclair – Baseball 1969-72 (3/6/2017)

Johnny Patout – Baseball 1971-74 (3/7/2017)
Herbie Leblanc – Baseball 1967-69 and Football 1964-68 (3/9/2017)
Randy Raymond – Football 1969-72 (3/12/2017)
Charles Bordes – Baseball 1969-72 (3/17/2017)
Mike Debaillon – Baseball 1971-74 (3/19/2017)
Jim Doyle – Football 1967-70 (3/23/2017)
Richard “Dicky” Haik – Football 1968-71 (3/28/2017)
Don Blair – Football 1969-72 (3/29/2017)
Alton “Torro” Torregano, Jr. – Baseball 1970-72 (3/29/2017)
Terry Ott – Baseball 1970 & 71 (3/31/2017)
Jack Bonin – Baseball 1971 (4/3/2017)
Major Swindler – Baseball 1967-70 (4/3/2017)
Chip Sanches – Baseball 1970-72, Manager 1970 & 1971 (4/4/2017)
Steve Sere – Baseball 1968-71 (4/4/2017)
Glenn “Goonie” Hebert – Baseball 1969, 1971-73 (4/4/2017)
Larry Stein – Baseball 1968-70 (4/5/2017)
Rickey Broussard – Baseball 1967-70, Coaches 1984-86 (4/10/2017)
Kimmett “Kim” Brigham – Football 1970-72, Track & Field 1971 & 1972 (4/19/2017)
Ken Blanchard – Football 1968-70 (4/20/2017)
Carl Meche – Baseball 1971-74 (4/26/2017)
Jimmy Dykes – Basketball 1962-64, Student Coach 1964-66 (5/15/2017)