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Tribute to Louisiana Coaches

Tribute to Louisiana Coaches

Please click on a coach’s name in the list below and be taken to their tribute page. The electronic tribute for former coaches is a work-in-progress, so if you are a former athlete or support group member and wish to inquire about establishing an electronic tribute on the Athletic Network for your SLII, SLI, USL, or UL coach, please email Dr. Ed Dugas at athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu for information. Inquiries are kept confidential.

Former athletes are encouraged to contact some of their teammates and support groups to determine if an electronic tribute to their coach is something they would want to learn more about. The AN will provide information, guidance, and assistance, but the driving force must come from the former athletes and support groups of a coach.

If you are a former athlete or support group member of one of the coaches listed below and want to submit a Living Memorial (LM), please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu Thank you. The LMs are time-sensitive during the construction phase of the foundation of the tribute, but may be submitted after the tribute has been activated. The tribute being activated indicates that the foundation has been completed and that other LMs should be emailed ASAP. LMs are posted in the order received. Thus, former athletes are encouraged not to procrastinate and please email their LM as soon as written.

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Coach Bobby Banna – Head Baseball Coach 1969-71; Assistant Football Coach 1968-73 (3/9/2017)

Coach Yvette Girouard – Head Softball Coach 1981-2000 (3/15/2017)

Coach Russ Faulkinberry – Head Football Coach 1961-73 (3/30/2017)

Coach Robert “Bob” Cole – Head Track & Field Coach 1963-84; Assistant Football Coach 1963-67; Baseball 1947 (8/3/2017)

Coach Beryl Shipley – Head Men’s Basketball Coach 1957-73; Athletic Director 1958-60 (8/21/2017)

Coach Raymond Blanco – Assistant Head Football Coach 1963-68; Dean of Men/Students and Vice President of Student Affairs 1968-2009 (1/4/2021)

Coach Nelson Stokley – Head Football Coach 1986-98; Athletic Director 1988-92 (9/17/2017) currently under construction.