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Tennis Head Coaches


2002-2004 Justin McGrath (M & W) 30-49
Lisa Jackson (Head Women’s Coach – 2004 1st Year), Sean Cole, Matias Mosso


1998-2001 Brett Schwartz (M & W)

1994-1998 Dan Holden (M &W)

1988-1994 Erick Iskersky (M only)

1988-1995 Todd McCauley (W only)

1985-1988 Jennifer Tuero (W only)

1983-1987 Gary Albertine (M only)

1982-1985 Meg Cook (W only)

1971-1983 Jerry Simmons (M only)

1969 Dr. Eddie Bankston

1965-1966 Robert Boudreaux

1962-1963 Bill Stevenson
1956-1958 Bill Stevenson

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