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Russ Faulkinberry Letter to Seniors

Dear Seniors:

You are getting ready to commence upon one of the most important years of your life. For all but a few, it will be your last year of football. From experience, I can tell you that this year, good or bad, will be remembered more than any other year.

No team is any stronger than it’s leaders. The essence of leadership in football is action first, and words second. Every football player, no matter what his past record has been must reprove himself each year.

A leader must earn the right to lead by his actions and not merely by his position as a senior. This right is not inherited by longevity of seniority, but by continuous solid accomplishment day after day. Oft times, people who accomplish the least are move vocal than those who accomplish most.

Only after making sure you are doing your very best, do you have the right to critize the others for not doing their best. The key to leadership is total unselfishness. You must sacrifice yourself to accomplish the desired results. We can win big if you are sincerely ready to accept this challenge. If you are not ready or willing, then you should remove yourself from the team.

Each senior should be like a star in the sky, when things are bright you go unnoticed, but when things are darkest, you shine the brightest.

Russ Faulkinberry

Coach Russ Faulkinberry