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Reunion of 1960s Former Football Players Photo Gallery & Overview

2015 Reunion Overview by Tom Kelly

On Friday October 30th & 31st, former 1960s USL Football players and their wives held reunions during Homecoming weekend. On Friday night, approximately 35 former USL football players & their wives met for dinner at Don’s Seafood. Special guests at the dinner were Coach Hudspeth & Ed Dugas. Coach Hudspeth provided the group with a 20 minutes update on the team and answered questions. After that, Ed Dugas, provided an excellent summary of the USL Athletic Website and encouraged all the players to update their profiles. Tom Kelly then asked new attendees to give a brief summary of their lives after leaving USL and Terry Fernandez, Larry & Stephen Langlinais, Nolan Sharon, Wayne McFarland, Edwin Preis & Darryl Hymel provided this information to the group.

On Saturday, approximately 25 of the former USL players met at Walk-On Restaurant for lunch while some of the wives met at LaMadeline. After the lunch, many of the former players attended the University of Louisiana-Lafayette football game and were impressed with the comeback victory by the Cajuns. After the game, some of the attendees met for dinner at Randols.

Most of the attendees were in favor of having these same Homecoming reunions next year. All USL players who played during the 1960s are welcomed at these reunions and can be added to our list by contacting Tom Kelly at kellyt32@gmail.com. A special thank you goes out to Sue Resweber who arranged for the dinner at Don and for she and her husband, Bert, decorating the dining room in USL colors. She also arranged for the wives’ lunch at LaMadeline and dinner at Randols.

Photos by Guy Harvey cajunglh@charter.net