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Mr. O'Neal "Web" Weber, Jr.
Graduated 1967



Home Phone: 337-984-2565
Work Phone: 337-988-1223
Fax: 337-988-1757

O’Neal’s Fond Memories for Coach Blanco’s Tribute were received on March 15, 2021 and posted that day by Ed Dugas. His Fond Memories of Coach Faulkinberry dated 6/15/2017 are below.

One of my memories happened one rainy day before practice. We were sitting around hoping it would rain enough to cancel practice—Ha! Ha! Well, what happened is Coach Blanco went outside the locker room door in old McNaspy Stadium, looked up to the Heavens and said loudly, “I said to stop” – the rain stopped and we had practice.

We could not believe what we saw, but it did happen!!!

O’Neal Weber – 1962-1965 FOOTBALL

* * * * *

O’Neal’s Living Memorial for the Coach Faulkinberry Tribute was submitted on 6/15/2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas that day.

Russ Faulkinberry’s Living Memorial, O’Neal Weber – Football 1962-65.

COACH was one of the people who had a great effect on my life.

They say you can’t take the country out of the boy, but HE did. He taught me how to never give up on the football field and later in the real world.

I always thought HE liked me, even though HE didn’t show it very much while we were on the field or off.

Sometimes in the quarterback meetings with me and Bill Bayard, COACH would make a joke. Of course, with HIS great wit, we had to be very careful when we laughed.

After I finished playing football, I really got to know COACH, the man and father. I considered HIM my Lafayette Father.

He would have us over for His GOURMET MEALS AND DRINK, which were really wonderful meals and great times to develop deeper friendships.

My lasting memory of COACH was at the reunion when he was rolled into the room in a wheelchair and HE and all of his players started crying.

I think we all made a connection in that moment of what playing football under Russ Faulkinberry really meant to all of our lives.