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Mr. Mickey Viator
Graduated 1976

560 South West Cooks Road
Mount Juliet, Tn 37122


Home Phone: 615-754-8640
Work Phone: --
Fax: --
Email: mviator37122@yahoo.com

Updated 11/16/2019

Ed, I remember you very well. You were my Physical Education teacher at USL in 1972. That was many years ago. Reminds me of that John Prine song, “And the years just flow by, like a broken down dam.”

Your recollections are correct. I was on the football team from 1972 until 1975. I am from New Iberia and was the owner of Ceiling Fan Gallery and Fan and Rattan in Lafayette from 1978 till 1987.

I moved to Nashville in 1987 and was in the car business for 32 years. I married a Nashville native in 1992 and and despite having to teach her how to make a roux, we have been married for almost 28 years.

After retiring two years ago, I spend most of my time traveling and fishing and having fun with our three daughters and our five grandchildren.

I know I speak for myself and everyone involved in USL athletics that we all greatly appreciate the time and hard work that you contribute to USL and the USL Athletic Network.

Update 11/18/2019

I have a degree in English from USL so I definitely love poetry. I recall one of my assignments from one of my English professors was to choose a poet and give reasons why I liked his poetry. So I choose Bob Dylan and proceeded to detail the reasons why I thought Dylan was such a great poet. Well, that did not go over too well with my professor. He did not consider Bob Dylan a poet. So I have to admit that I was happy when I learned that Dylan had received the Nobel Prize in Literature a few years ago. I stand vindicated all these years later!

So one of my hobbies is to record songs with my guitar in my “amateur” recording studio. I have put all my songs on You Tube under Mickey Viator Music. I have over 60 songs recorded. One of the most poignant songs is “Hello in There ” by John Prine. I first heard the song in college and loved it. But the years have gone by and now the song is talking about me.

I guess I am a member of the Old People population now! Do me a big favor and check the song out on my You Tube site. When you get to the site, just click the blue button and then click videos and that should bring up all 60 songs. Try not to laugh too hard because after all I am definitely an amateur. It’s just a hobby that I really enjoy. Thanks, Ed