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Ms. Kim "Kimmie" Rodgers

2605 Alberta Court
Kelowna, British Columbia v1w2x8


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Volleyball: Rodgers has big designs for life

November 08, 2005 –

Bruce Brown

Kim Rodgers has an eye for fashion.

It’s a gift she’s hoping to utilize in her career as a designer.

“I’ve been interested in that as a career, probably since grade 12,” Rodgers said. “Physics and chemistry were not as attractive to me.

“I’ve always been making my own stuff. I like to think ahead of the curve. You’ve got to be innovative.”

A junior at the University of Louisiana, Rodgers was attracted to UL because of its computer-aided design program.

“That’s the main reason I came here,” said Rodgers, whose grade point average regularly hovers in the high 3 range. “I’m a pretty hard worker. I’ve learned that if you pay attention in class, it will reinforce what you learn.”

When her design degree is safely tucked away, Rodgers plans to start her own business, “although not necessarily designing right away,” either in her native Canada or the United States.

“I’ve worked in retail with people who have stores of their own now, and I’ve picked up pointers from them,” Rodgers said. “There are do’s and don’ts. I’m not really sure what works yet. It’s all pretty vague to me at the moment.”

Rodgers is busy enough in school (carrying 21 hours is not unheard of) and with career plans, but she has another occupation that adds to her daily calendar.

The 6-foot-2 Rodgers is a standout middle blocker for the Ragin’ Cajun volleyball team, which visits North Texas today in a Sun Belt Conference makeup match.

She had a team-best 123 blocks last season (21 solos, 102 assists), Becky Madden’s final one as the UL coach, and is pacing the squad once again with 17 blocks and 72 assists (89 total) for first-year head coach Amy Kraljev.

For her college career, Rodgers has 289 blocks.

“She’s a go-to player for us,” Kraljev said. “I’ve seen matches where she totally dominates with her blocking and hitting. If her confidence level is where it needs to be, she takes over. It all comes down to confidence.

“I honestly think she could be one of the best in the Sun Belt Conference. She tends to step up in tight situations. (Senior) Elina Salomaki went into the season as our top hitter, but we can’t get one-dimensional.”

“I hope my teammates see me as someone they can always count on,” Rodgers said. “Trustworthy, I guess. We joke around a lot. I like our team. We have a lot of fun.”

Rodgers grew up playing soccer and basketball, but began enjoying volleyball in the 10th grade.

“Volleyball has sort of been more natural for me,” she said. “It’s mostly about discipline. Those others were more skill. You have to be perfect.”

Blocking requires studied anticipation, as well as leaping ability and timing.

“You learn to read the setter on the other side of the net,” Rodgers said. “When her hands are back, it’s an outside set. You also look at their hitters, and the patterns they’re running.

“Before a match, you watch the key hitters. If they’re off the net, they’ll go to them. You make sure you watch everybody, especially in the middle.”

“I’d like to see Kim loosen herself up a little more on the court,” Kraljev said. “Before a match, she’s outgoing, but when it’s game time she puts on a serious face. I’d like to see her get back to being a little silly.”

Rodgers remains serious about one thing – she wants the Cajuns to make postseason play. At 5-17, they face an uphill battle to make the Sun Belt Tournament.

“Making the tournament is really important to me, and it’s definitely do-able,” Rodgers said. “There have been so many upsets. I want us to be the team that makes upset news.

“We need consistency. We can’t let the other team get so many point runs. We have to cut down errors and not beat ourselves. A lot of it has to do with our mental preparation.”

In another year or so, Rodgers will dive headlong into a career in the fashion industry. But she’s still got time to enjoy her other life as a college athlete.

“I’ve enjoyed all the opportunities I’ve had,” Rodgers said. “I’m from Canada, and I’ve really enjoyed all the travel – seeing places and meeting new people.”

Originally published November 8, 2005