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Mr. Ken Ardoin




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Sent by Ken on Feb. 27, 2018 and posted that day by Dr. Ed Dugas with Ken’s permission.

Dr. Dugas….”Ed”,

Think of you often, and realize how lucky we are to have attended UL when we did. I was there from 1960-64.

It was still SLI when I enrolled in Sept. 1960…and officially became USL in Dec. of 1960. The name change passed in the Spring of 1960 during the Legislative Session. But through the legislative process it did not become “official” until Dec. 1960.

So, I am proud to say I attended SLI, Graduated from USL, and Lobbied the Legislature for the current name: University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We did not like the designation (Lafayette) but that was the only way it would Pass.

Later serving as President of the USL Alumni Association 1987-1988, receiving the University’s “Distinguished Service Award” 1997 and receiving the University”s “Outstanding Alumni Award in 2002, and the “Ragin Cajun Spirit Award” in 2010, I reflect on how this all came about: PRESIDENT, DR. JOE SAVOIE.

I met T-Joe the first year he became Director of the USL Alumni Association (I believe 1982).
I called and asked if he would come to Dallas as I wanted to start an Alumni Association Chapter in Dallas. He came, we started the Chapter and the rest is History.

T-Joe has done an unbelievable OUTSTANDING JOB in making us proud of the University we love. Dr. Authement gave us a foundation that paved the way for T-Joe to take us where we had never been, and to a level many never dreamed.

In 2007, Dr. Authement asked me to join the Administration at UL and serve as Vice President, University Advancement. He contacted Dr. Savoie (who was soon to be named the President of UL upon Dr. Authement’s retirement) and he agreed to my appointment.

Ed, like you, many birthdays have come and gone for me. I am now 75, and attending more funerals than I care to. My life is becoming a time of Reflection and Thanksgiving.

This is why I want to tell you, Dr. Savoie, and a number of other people how blessed and thankful I am in being able to share the ride with you. It has been the mutual love of UL that we all share. For me, it has been a 58 year love affair.

Thanks Ed !!!

Ken Ardoin