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Mr. John Conery

112 Dalton Dr.
New Iberia, La 70560


Home Phone: 337-578-0577
Work Phone: --
Fax: --
Email: jc@judgeconery.com

John’s Tribute to Coach Blanco was received on Feb. 3, 2021 and posted by Ed Dugas that day.


I don’t have many “fond memories” of Raymond Blanco as a football coach! Only painful ones brought on by never ending workouts, wind sprints till we dropped, running stadium steps in the rain till our tongues hung out to our feet and we collapsed, and, oh yeah, who can forget “board drills” and “bull in the ring”, since outlawed by every civilized football program – No “fond memories” there, for sure.
But Coach Blanco and his equally brutal colleagues did lead us to an undefeated season and State Championship at Catholic High School, and helped lead U.S.L. to a GSC co-championship. Ah, the thrill of victory! There’s that “fond memory”!
More importantly, I do have special memories of the life lessons Coach Blanco taught us – the value of sacrifice, discipline, teamwork, fair play and the satisfaction felt after you’ve given it your all! How to accept victory graciously, and endure defeat without being “defeated”. Those lessons served me well all through life.
I have especially fond memories of Coach Blanco “coming off the bench”, so to speak, and helping to “coach” and guide me in my political career, which led to un-opposed election to the Sixteenth Judicial District Court Bench, and, eventually, to the Third Circuit Court of Appeal where I can still apply the “lessons learned” from the “Old Ball Coach”. Without his help and support over the years, and that of Kathleen, I would not be where I am today!
So Thanks, Coach. No tribute can begin to tell your story! Thank you for all you’ve done for the countless players you’ve coached, students you’ve helped, politicians you’ve guided and mentored, and the countless citizens of the “Great State” of Louisiana you and Kathleen so ably served! We love you! God Bless you and your wonderful family!
John Conery