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Mr. Jared Arsement




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Jared’s Fond Memories of Coach Blanco were submitted by Susie Arcement March 25, 2021 and posted by Ed Dugas. His background is located below his Fond Memories of Coach Blanco.

“We’re at the goal line. Gotta keep our heads down and punch it in!”

“We better drop somebody back so they don’t beat us over the top!”

“Stop patting yourself on the back and line up for the next play!”

These are all directives Coach Blanco has barked out to me for a little over a decade…despite the fact I’ve never put on a helmet or laced up a pair of cleats on his sideline.

Everything is a football game to Coach. There is nothing that cannot be broken down into X’s and O’s in his mind. And while his official days of coaching were long past him when he took me under his wing and guided me through Louisiana politics, I could almost smell the grass and hear the crowded stadium as he coached me up.

Somehow, he always knew what you needed to hear. If you needed a pep talk and encouragement, that’s what you got. If you needed an ass chewing to get going, you had better watch out cause it was coming. And when you head into the heat of battle by his side, he’s calling you “Coach,” too; as if you were one of his colleagues who prowled the sidelines with him on Friday and Saturday nights during the 60’s and 70’s.

He’s guided and mentored hundreds of men and women who have gone on to do great things for our state and country. Never far away from that sideline. Never ceasing to coach. And while he isn’t always by our side, we can always hear him coaching us up over our shoulder.

Jared Arsement

* * * * * *

Additional comments by Susie Arsement:

Jared has been around Coach all of his life. He’s 39 years old and grew up in and around Coach and the entire Blanco family. We laugh about Coach being in the delivery room when Jessica Clarke was born and outside the room when Jared was born 😊. Jared is owner of Arsement Media Group, a political consulting business. He has worked with Coach in politics since 2010 on a number of campaigns he has been involved in. He does political polling, media consulting, writing, shooting and producing political ads.