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Mr. James Clement




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Surviving With Fans

Lafayette Man Wins $100,000 on Survivor

Local CBS Survivor: China contestant James Clement was voted most popular by America on the show’s season finale, which aired Sunday evening.

Being the public’s favorite netted Clement $100,000.

While he was voted off the show before the finals, Clement was awarded the cash prize on the reunion show which aired Sunday.

Daily Advertiser, December 17, 2007

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Lafayette gravedigger goes to China for CBS reality show’s 15th season; get a preview of this season’s odyssey in China
Amanda McElfresh

For the second season in a row, a Lafayette resident will compete in a series of mental and physical challenges for a chance to win $1 million on the CBS hit series Survivor.
James Clement, 30, will face off with 15 other contestants on the reality show, now in its 15th season. This season’s edition takes place on the ancient southern Chinese province of Jiang Xi, marking the first time an American television series has been allowed to film entirely in China.

What’s unique about Clement? Well, for starters, he’s a gravedigger who owns a local burial service. On the side, he works nightclub and wedding security and bartends.

On his official CBS bio, Clement describes himself as athletically gifted, socially adaptive and physically attractive. He is proudest of carrying on his family’s business and feels he’ll do well on the show because he considers himself physically and mentally adept, adventurous and able to adapt to new environments and situations.
Clement’s appearance follows that of fellow Lafayette resident Kenward “Boo” Bernis, a 34-year-old construction worker who made it to last season’s live finale before being the first of the final five to be eliminated.

Survivor host Jeff Probst on James
“Physically, he’s the biggest guy we’ve ever had on the show and surprisingly one of the most agile. I thought that James might be a guy who couldn’t really stretch or move, that he was all muscle, but you see in the first challenge when he goes head-to-head with Frosti … Frosti’s got nothing on James,” Survivor host Jeff Probst said during a media conference. “James is like a gentle giant. He’s pretty quiet unless you rile him up and then he has no filter and he will say whatever he is thinking at whatever volume he wants to say it. That was interesting and a bit of a liability for him out there.”

September 20, 2007