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Mr. George Halkiades
Graduated 1964

1211 Guinn Lane
Bartlesville, OK 74006


Home Phone: 918-333-2428
Work Phone: 918-662-7281
Fax: --
Email: geohalk@gmail.com

George’s Living Memorial for the Coach Russ Faulkinberry Tribute is followed by biographical information he provided earlier. His LM was submitted on 6/24/2017 and posted by Dr. Ed Dugas that day.

Russ Faulkinberry’s Living Memorial, George Halkiades – Manager 1959-63

When I was a manager at USL all managers were students and we did not have full-time paid equipment managers.

I originally came to then SLI on scholarship under Coach Hoggatt. After Coach Hoggatt left I was not sure if Coach Faulkinberry would continue to honor my scholarship, but that concern was put to rest very quickly.

He made it clear that I was the head equipment manager and that he expected me and the other student managers to take care of all the duties assigned to us. He was very firm and demanding, but also very fair.

One of the first things he did equipment wise was to purchase new game uniforms. Jerseys were red and white, but not vermillion and the pants were gold and the helmets were gold.

I spray painted the helmets before each game. The equipment used to spray paint the helmets was crude in comparison to what is available today.

I laugh every time I hear about Notre Dame painting helmets, as if that is something novel. USL was doing that in 1961.

For one out of town game it started to rain and I went to the storage containers we brought with us to get out the rain gear. Unfortunately, when we packed up the bus we mistakenly packed the containers with the baseball equipment, not the rain gear.

Needless to say it was my responsibility to make sure the correct gear was packed, so I went to Coach to let him. He was not happy, but I still had my job.

After I graduated I moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma and between my job and my family I did not have much time to get back to Lafayette.

I did see Coach in Memphis before a game against Memphis State. In 2001 I visited Lafayette and gave Coach a call. He told me his back was bothering him and could not visit with me. I did tell him that I appreciated all he did for me and that except for my dad, I felt he was the man who taught me to be a man.

* * * * *

I came to SLI in 1959 from Tennessee. My first two years I was a football manager under Coach Red Hoggatt.
My last two years I was head manager under Coach Faulkenberry.

I finished school in the summer of 1963. In those days there was only one graduation per year so I had to return the next year, 1964, to attend graduation ceremonies and receive my diploma. I received my BS degree in Electrical Engineering.

In those days we did not have a full time equipment manager. We only had students who filled this role. I really enjoyed my years at SLI/USL.

I returned to Lafayette for the first time in several years last October and plan to come back very soon.