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Mr. George Benoit
Graduated 1965

5926 Rocky Brook
Kingwood, Texas 77345

ElPaso Energy
1001 Lousiiana
Houston, Texas 77002

Home Phone: 281-361-8010
Work Phone: 713-420-4225
Fax: --
Email: Gpbapril@aol.com

Football Captain 1963
During the past forty years I have worked in various management positions for Tenneco(TGP) and ElPaso Energy. Today I am a manager of piplines for El Paso Energy in Houston. My wonderful wife Charlotte is still with me and has been a constant source of strength through the years. Our sons Bryan,David and Paul are healthy,happy and prosperous.

Bryan, graduated from USL (Magna Cum Laude)and is the Houston City leader and Managing Director for Standard and Poors.
Paul,is a Director for Charles Rivers Corporate Value Consulting in Houston.

David,graduated from the University of Texas medical school, interned at Tulane and is practicing in Memphis,TN.

These are the best of Times.