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Mr. Freeman "Butch" Harris
Graduated 1990

100 McDonald St. #C15
Lafayette, La 70506


Home Phone: 337-216-4522
Work Phone: 337-849-7312
Fax: --
Email: flharris28@msn.com

I played on the 1989-1990 USL Rajun Cajun baseball teams. We had a couple of good years at USL when I was playing there, we were the American South Conference Champions both years that I played for the Cajuns. I played with many great players, the Meyers’ from Abbeville, Ron Vincent, Damian Grossie, Perry Berry, Tommie Bates, Pete Guajardo, Michael Watts, Greg Blevins, Dave King,Joe Burnett, David Smith, Kevin McDonald, just to name a few. We beat UNO 7-2 to advance to the 1990 South 1 Region in Baton Rouge as the 6th seed, we drew LSU, then ranked no. 4 nationally, they won 8-0 in the first round. We then blew a 10-2 lead to USM to bow out of the region tournament. Some of the teams in that region were Georgia Tech, Houston, LSU, Southern Cal., and Southern Miss. Some of the players on these teams were Tim Clark, Paul Byrd, Chad Ogea, Damon Buford, Bret Boone, Jeff Cirillo, just to mention a few. Our record going into the regional was 47-16 in 1990, we started the year as a pre-season no. 29, and we got up to as high as 15th, before we ended the season ranked 30th going into the regional tournament. Our record the year (1989) before was 49-13, but we weren’t recognized nationally at all. I lead the team in hitting that year with a .333 average, followed by Ken Meyers who ended up hitting .318 for the year, Greg Blevins ended up at .306 to finish the top hitters. The Cajuns landed 6 players on the American South Conference Team in 1990, they were: Kevin McDonald-P, Ken Meyers-C, Perry Berry-2B, Joe Burnett-OF, Butch Harris-OF, and Greg Blevins-DH. Second team honors went to Damian Grossie-3B. The 1990 American South Tournamant team included 5 Cajuns; Brett Simpson-P, Butch Harris-1B, Tommy Bates-SS, Damian Grossie-3b(Tourn. MVP), Pete Guajardo_OF. Only 3 players made the all Louisiana Team in 1990, they were Butch Harris-OF(.333, 8 HR, 54RBI), Kevin McDonald-P (8-2, 3.00ERA), and Greg Blevins-C (.306, 14HR, 74RBI). It was dominated by LSU Tigers that year. The South 1 Region was tough that year, LSU was ranked no. 4 nationally, USC was ranked no. 7 nationally, Houston was ranked no. 16 nationally, and Georgia Tech was at one point during the year the top ranked team in the nation. Our coaches were Mike Boulanger a former assistant at OU (my home state and the reason I became a Cajun-originally signed with OU), Emrick Jagneaux, Mitch Gaspard, and Coach Watts, they were all good guys (yes even Coach Jagneaux). We had a lot of players leave these teams and go play professional baseball; Kevin Meyers to Toronto(I believe), John Jarvis to the Yankees, David Smith to Chicago, Joe Burnett and Butch Harris to the Brewers, David King to the Royals, Donnie Wall most recently of the Astros, Perry Berry to (I don’t remember, sorry Perry), Joe Waldron to the Pirates, Kevin McDonald (I don’t remember, sorry Kev). I was recently a teacher at Broken Bow High School, I was the In School and Out-Of-School Suspension Supervisor for 8 years, in other words I was in charge of the kids that the regular teachers did not want or could not handle. They came to my classroom and were taught the regular course work, they were just in a stricter, more disciplined environment, and I’ll tell you, I earned my money daily. I was LAID-OFF, on Nov. 12th, 2002, because of a severe budget crisis in the public school systems in Ok. 36 Teachers were laid-off in my school alone, and I am now in Lafayette planning on continuing my education when my out-of-state status of 1 year is over. I plan on continuing my education in either the physical therapy or pharmacy field, cross your fingers, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to learn anything new, teaching was pretty much repetitious year after year. I would love to hear from any of the guys that I played ball with, I have already run into Ron Vincent, Jay Domogeaux, and Damian Grossie but I’m still waiting to hear from Iota, Pete, Michael Watts, Ken, and all of guys. It’s time to get together and boil some crawfish, I’m finally getting used to the Cajun seasoning, I never did get the hand of it in 89-90, but I’m making up for lost time now, I can actually eat the Cajun food now and not have to keep a box of tissue around to wipe my nose throughout the meal, I love it here. GO CAJUNS!!!!