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Mr. Claude Revels, Jr.
Graduated 1973

12390 N. State Road 121
Macclenny, FL 32063

Claude Revels and Associates, LLC

Home Phone: 904-219-9012
Work Phone: 904-219-9012
Fax: --
Email: clauderevels1@gmail.com

Claude’s Living Memorial for the Coach Bob Cole Tribute is posted below, followed by his autobiography and lots of memories of athletics and student life at USL. Posted by Dr. Ed Dugas on Sept. 26, 2017.

I recall with the same excitement as I write this, the day my Junior College Coach, Larry Monts called me in and said there is a school in Louisiana that is interested in you running for them.

The next day I received a call from Coach Cole offering me a full scholarship to run for the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Well…..to say I was excited about the full scholarship is an understatement, but Louisiana was never on my radar screen!

Coach Cole took the time to answer all of my questions, and told me to sleep on it and call him the next day. When I called him back he seemed as genuinely excited about my acceptance as I was about running for USL.

Upon my arrival at USL and finding I was part of a team of runners from not only all over the United States, but abroad as well was a little daunting to say the least.

Our leader was Arthur Botterill from Australia, with assistance from Tom Hopkins from Ireland.

Coach relied on Art Botterill to train us distance runners and most of our contact with him was the day before and the day of our meets.

In some cases…..when our performances were not up to his expectations…..we saw him bright and early the next day at Beaver Park for a “little reminder” of what those expectations were.

I recall one of those “reminders” quite vividly on a fall morning after the NCAA Regional Cross Country Meet running laps on the levee. I can still hear him to this day in his gruff voice, “………….. (expletives)……bunch of slackers”. Always the nurturing and affectionate father!

Coach was gruff and tough, but there was another side to him. He was a caring Coach, and very protective of his runners. He had a funny side that sometimes would catch you off guard, but when it came to competition, he was all business, especially when it came to Conference Championships.

I recall his “pep talk” prior to our first Southland Conference Cross Country meet in Jonesboro Arkansas. For me the fear of losing was two fold….. what the retribution might be the next day, but more importantly it was the fear of letting him down and seeing the disappointment on his face.

Coach Cole was for most I think a father figure. Especially for those of us so far from home. I recall in my early days packing up and leaving for home when I thought I just couldn’t get past the weather and being away from my family. What turned me around was the disappointment I knew would be in my father’s eyes and so it was with Coach Cole.

As I write this I reflect back on how my years at USL have become so much a part of what has made me who I am, what I have accomplished, and what I have passed on to my children. Our parents are responsible for a large part of this human equation, but along the way there are those rare individuals who play a part and impact our lives in ways we realize only upon reflection.

Coach Cole is one of those individuals who came into my life at a time that was to become one of the most memorable for me. He never knew what an important role he played, but then again, as a Coach I am certain as he looked back during those retirement years, he was proud of all of his ” runners, jumpers and throwers”. For him that would have been enough.

The legacy he left is so much more than I think he could have imagined, and I am grateful that he gave me the opportunity to be included.

Many of my Teammates have heard me say often, “Florida is my birth home, but Louisiana is my heart home”. But for Coach Cole I would have missed much and lost much in this life.

Thanks Coach for playing such an important role in my life, for the wonderful memories, and the life long friendships I have because of you.

Rest in peace Coach!

Claude Revels 73′ and 76′
Geaux Cajuns

* * * * *

Posted July 5, 2017

I was born in Jacksonville, Feb 12, 1950, St. Vincents Hospital. Attended Ramona Elementary and Garden City Elementary, Ribault Jr. and Ribault Senior High School 1968.

Ribault High School
Track career started in 8th grade. Couldn’t run Varsity until 10th grade. Started in Cross Country and whent on to anchor the Sprint Medley Relay,and Mile Relay, compete in the Mile, 880 and 2 mile on the Track. Finished HS with 9:30 2mile, 49.1 split on Mile Relay, 4:23 mile, and 1:57 880, finished 64th State CC as Sophomore, 12th Junior year and 3rd Senior year. My Coach, George Loper went on to coach both my sons, Claude “DeWitt” and Stephen “Brett” at Bradford High. DeWitt finished 2nd in State Track in 880 and later attended the Jr. College and was coached by my Coach, Larry Monts. He ended his college career at the University of Tampa. Brett played HS Football and went into the construction business after graduation.He excelled in Custom Hardwood flooring which took him to Austrailia as an instructor.

Florida Junior College at Jacksonville
Attended Florida Junior College at Jacksonville, 1969-1970 Coach Larry Monts. Was recruited along with 5 other local runners who finished in the Top 10 at State CC. We went on to finish 4th at Nationals in Butler Pennsylvania, 18 degrees and foot of snow. We had never seen snow before. Won State JC CC Championships each year. Ran Mile Relay, 880 and 440IH.
“Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges”

University of Southwestern Louisiana
Recruited by Coach Cole over the phone! Offered me a full scholarship and I was so excited, even though I had no clue about USL or Louisiana. Ran with the GREATEST group of guys in the World. Gulf States Conf Champs in CC and Track. Moved to Southland Conf and Conf Champs in CC and Track.

College of Education-Physical Education Department.
What a GREAT TIME in my life. Great friends and memories. Helping out when Dr. Testerman needed more males in her dance class, playing badminton with Dr. Dugas, tennis with Dr. Bourg, and taking endless turns trying to improve my reaction time with Fred Nelson’s “Reaction Timer”. Student Teaching at Lafayette High with Coach Lancon.

Special thank you to my mentor and friend Ed Dugas, Doc to me, for his guidance, patience, wisdom and friendship as an undergrad and later when I returned to USL as a Graduate Assistant. Would have never made it without you Doc!!!

Thanks to Dr Bourg (RIP)for encouraging me to start a Physical Education Program at Cathedral-Carmel Elementary, to Sister Judith who made this Southern Baptist boy welcome and to the students who were simply “wonderful”.

Memories of USL
Seeing McNaspy Stadium and OMG… a cinder track, and we had to line it off with baseball chalk. I thought I had gone back in time. I had only run on asphalt and all weather at U of Fla. Quite a transition…… Have to mention our faithful all around take care of us guy, and every athlete’s friend BlackJack. Rest in Peace my friend.

Coming from Florida with a Southern Country Boy accent, the Cajun dialect was a new challenge. But given the overall make up of the Team (Australia, Ireland, Africa, New York,Arkansas,Louisiana,Texas,Ohio, and Florida)we had some great conversations! Although many had to be repeated for clarity. Especially after a few cold beverages.

My youngest Son is named after my roommate and best friend, Stephen Killingsworth. Steve and I have remained in contact since graduation. We coordinated moving back to Lafayette when I went for my Masters in 1975.

There were a lot of GREAT times at USL. Three highlights from Track and Cross Country stand out. Getting to run in the Astro Dome on my 21st birthday, winning the Southland Conference our first year in Cross Country, and beating LSU in Cross Country on their home course.

Southwestern Relays
WOW! What a great meet. McNaspy would be full and I remember the year Alabama came over. I had friends whom I ran with and against in HS, then together at Jr College and then against at USL. I had an average running career, but I have a wonderful collection of memories that can not be beaten.

Football Games
Thank you Sherry LaBas for bringing “RESPECT” to the Sweethearts repertoire. I can’t think of USL without thinking of that song and great friend Sherry.

AND of course…..”Go to %$#@ McNeese, Go to %$#@!!!!!

Free Beer busts in Girard Park.

The “Sweethearts”.

Morning workouts around Girard Park and Beaver Park in the rain.

The Snow in Jan & Feb 73′

The “Vermilion”

Crawfish Etoufee at Don’s on Johnston St.

Bell’s Sporting Goods

Blackham Coliseum and “Bo Pete” Lamar

Uncle Petes, The Keg, Burger Chef and the Pit Grill where all night cram sessions took place for the price of toast and coffee.

More to come……but enough for today.

Retired after 31 years, Jan 4,2016 from JM Family Enterprises, Inc. Benefits Administration Director, Jacksonville, Florida.

Currently living in Glen St. Mary, Florida on an Airpark. My wife Judi has been a Pilot for over 30 years. I took up flying when we moved here from Keystone Heights Florida. We recently (June 2015) purchased a home in Wears Valley, Sevierville, TN near Pigeon Forge where we plan to retire when our home in Florida sells. So stay tuned for another profile update soon.

Posted July 5, 2017 with AN footnote by Dr. Ed Dugas.
I am pleased to claim Claude as a former student and friend. He has chaired all of the recent Track & Field Reunions – 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
The AN is indebted to his unselfish service to his sport and to the university.