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Nov. 2-3, 2001 Shipley Reunion Video

The 2001 Shipley Reunion revealed to me in several significant ways that much could be accomplished when people worked cooperatively for a common goal in an unselfish manner and without concern for who received the credit.
During Thanksgiving Week of 2001, the Athletic Network concept was designed and has served the university community since that time in a rather unique manner.

To be involved as part of a team in moving the AN from concept to reality is a blessing for which I am thankful each day. God Bless Coach Shipley, his family, the personnel of his program and his fans and supporters.

Peace, Ed Dugas     athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu 

Though the skill and dedication of Dennis Clark, Minister of Media, First Baptist Church of Lafayette, and Brian Butcher, Channel One Digital, Inc.,one of the AN sponsors and designer of the 2001 video, it is a pleasure to notify you of the availability of one of the significant chapters in the history of the university, the video of the 2001 Shipley Reunion.

Thank each of you for the role you played in the reunion and assistance in bring this task to its current status.

The internet posting process for the reunion is incomplete. More detailed information will be provided later. However, in view of the retiring of Dean Church’s jersey on Feb. 25, it was felt best to share this with you as it became available near the end of the week. Additionally, February is Heart Month and this should warm your heart.

The Chapter Menu below is correctly numbered on Vimeo, and show the start of the video for each chapter.
Note: Chapters 1-5 are posted on page 1 of Vimeo and Chapters 6-10 on page 2. Please click on 2 on left below Chapter 5 (Ron Gomez pictured).
1. Friday Evening Social at Acadian Village – hosts Jerry Meaux, Larry Boullion, and Chris Landry.

2. Tour of Walk of Honor UL Campus – hosts Robert Trahan and Sharee Broussard.

3. Fan Appreciation – Long Gym – hosts Johan Adendorff and Dr. Ed Dugas and Pre-Banquet Interviews
(Dr. Prentice McKellar, Dr. Derwood Duke, Marion Stewart, Jimmy Dykes, Mac Price, Professor Peese, Bob Cutrer, Bobby Andrews, Eddie Mouton, Jerry Flake, Sharee Broussard, Ernie Lancon, Charlie English, T. J. Gaspard, Andy Russo, Bob Verlander, Manny Goldstein, Jim “Red” Hoggatt, Richard Britton, Tim Thompson, Bruce Bentley, Dr. Dale Griffith).

4. Reunion Banquet 1 – Emcee, Ron Gomez – Introduction of Shipley Era Program Personnel, Pastor Perry Sanders, Reunion Committee & Mike Spears

5. Reunion Banquet 2 – Presentation by Mac Price; Speakers Randy Price, Dean Church, Rocke Roy for Tom Colwell & Dr. Jim Caillier

6. Reunion Banquet 3 – Speakers Bo Lamar & Tom Cox

7. Reunion Banquet 4 – Commendations for Coach Shipley and Remembrance of Deceased Members by Ernie Alexander

8. Video Highlights of Shipley Era by Ron Gomez and Carol Ross

9. Reunion Banquet 5 – Beryl Shipley Mended Hearts Scholarship and presentation by 1963-64 team to Coach Shipley

10. Beryl Shipley Appreciation & Remembrance; Dr. Dale Griffith Benediction; and Acknowledgements