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Updating AN Profiles: Is your profile current,accurate & complete? It represents you to viewers

If all you want to do is provide information for the footnote section – the blank box which is open-ended OR if you want to change information in the footnote section – email it to athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu with Profile Update in the Subject line and it will be posted in that exact manner for you and you will be sent an email. Be certain to include your name as shown on the AN. Thanks. 

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Note: With the new Athletic Network security system, updating profiles can be done quickly and efficiently.
First, click on Submit/Update Profile in the upper left of the AN home page. 
Next, click on Click here to update your profile – when you do, a new page will appear.
On new page, scroll down on that page and provide the email address which is in your AN profile. The box below the email box asks "Forgot Your Password" – click the "click here" to the right of that question. 

A new screen will appear where you need to re-enter your email address, then click "Get Password". Once done, click on "Close Window". 

Check your emails and in short order the password will be emailed to you at the email address you provided. 
Copy the password sent to you and place it (or paste) in the AN page you minimized, when you checked emails.
Next, click in the Login Box.
This will open your profile and you may update it as needed. 
Once the update is complete, click the Submit Box at the bottom of the profile format and it will be sent to the AN.
It will be posted shortly and you will be sent an email informing you.

Qs – please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu    

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Please use any of the search engines in the upper left of www.athleticnetwork.net to view your profile.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to document your experiences as a UL athlete or support group member and keep your email address current with the AN. Thanks.  

Please know that you are encouraged to do this. It is your profile and you are encouraged to take responsibility for it.

The Footnote section allows you to provide information above and beyond the profile format. It is an excellent opportunity for one to individualize their information. While the AN posts "bare-bones" profiles – name, sport, year – the athletes and support group members are encouraged to provide additional information. There is no space requirement to the Footnote section.  

Most universities have athletic websites which provide information on current athletes in a manner similar to www.ragincajuns.com 

To our knowledge, no other university posts rosters for all teams and support groups AND allows and encourages them to accept the responsibility for their profile.

While the AN does collect and add stories published by a wide variety of media sources to profiles, the best source of information for each profile is the individual. One may click on the Submit/Update Profile in the upper left of the home page to open and update their profile. Thank You.  

Since its inception in 2002, the mission of the Athletic Network is "to identify, locate and communicate with former athletes and their support groups."

To this end, members for each team and support group have been posted on the Athletic Network, beginning with the 1901 Football team.

While these lists are unofficial, they represent a collaboration of information from teammates, family, friends, L’Acadiens, local media, Vermilion, media guides, other university publications, and other sources.

Click on the Select a Team (white box in the upper right) and highlight and click on the team memberships you wish to view. They will appear in alphabetical order by year beginning with the current team. Click on a name and the profile represents either what the AN posted, the person wrote, or a combination of both. Even teams which no longer represent the university are included.

Click on the Select a Group (below Select a Team) and all of the Support Groups are listed and can be viewed in the same manner.

The other search engines in the upper left include Last Name and Select a Year. 

Please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu for assistance in locating a person or to add information to a profile of a teammate or deceased athlete/support group member.

Obituaries of former athletes and support group members are posted in the News Box when the AN is made aware of them.  Please contact us immediately of such information and we will follow up and attempt to post in a timely manner. These are later added to the deceased person’s profile.

Please take the opportunity to update your profile so viewers may know of our rich athletic traditions and those who helped create them.

Peace, Ed Dugas

Dr. Ed Dugas
Athletic Network