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“University Faculty/Staff (current & former) ” attribute for non-athletes added to profile format

A new attribute has been added to the Athletic Network profile format.

NOTE: This attribute is for those faculty and staff who were not athletes or member of spirit groups at the university. Their contributions and service as faculty and staff at the university merit this addition to the Athletic Network and provides each with an opportunity to document their service to the university.  

It is entitled University Faculty/Staff (current & former)

Many former faculty and staff posted profiles with the FAN Network in order to have a connection to the AN and receive the complimentary, electronic newsletter. 

They were not former athletes or support group members. However, those current/former faculty/staff who were members of athletic teams or support group are encouraged to add this attribute to their profile. Thank you.

This did not allow viewers to know that those FANs had the distinction and honor of being employed by the university, serving the diverse needs of our student-athletes.
Their contributions are certainly noteworthy and they are encouraged to document that special service to the university in their AN profile.

One may email their information to athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu and it will be posted for them. They will receive an email response once this has been completed. Thank you.

Current/former faculty and staff are encouraged to click on www.athleticnetwork.net
Click the Submit/Update profile in the upper left of the home page to update your profile.
Provide your email address and  create your password to open your profile.

Click on the University Faculty/Staff section and click on each calendar year in which you have been employed.
In the footnote section, you are encouraged document your years at the university and the capacities 
 in which you served during those years. This section is open-ended for you to document your service
to the university and any other information you wish to include.

It is not necessary to include any contact information.   You are encouraged to include your email address
so you may receive the complimentary electronic newsletter and communicate with the Athletic Network until your information is finalized –  but that is optional.

Once the information is provided to the website, please click on the Submit Box at the bottom of the profile format.
This will send the profile to the AN for posting. You will be sent an email as soon as the profile is posted.

One may email their information to athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu  – especially those who are already in the data base
as a FAN (Friend of Athletic Network).

Please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu  for concerns or questions.  

It is important to document the contributions of those who have served/are serving the
university in various capacities and provide a vehicle so others may know who they are, when they served
and the capacities in which they served.  Additional information is welcomed and encouraged.  

Your assistance in sharing this information with current/former faculty and staff is appreciated.

Peace, Ed Dugas

Dr. Ed Dugas, Research Coordinator
Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns Athletic Network

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