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University/Athletics: An Interesting Historical Perspective Written By 147 Students/Faculty -1928-01

A Unique Historical Perspective of SLI, USL and UL by Former Students/Faculty

In 1998 the request was made for former and current students/faculty to submit letters for the Centennial Celebration in 1999. One hundred and forty-seven letters were received from students as early as 1928 to the projected graduation of 2001.

Others have proclaimed the 147 letters, which contain an unbelievable wealth of information about student life, transportation, dorm life, classes, professors, athletics, WW II, the great depression – as the most interesting collection of historical information about the university that  they have ever read. They are of such interest that you will certain go back and read more.

To view these letters, follow the steps below: Click on – 
Ragin’ Cajuns Reunions and Special Events (banner on the right side of the news);
Scroll down the last tab – The College of Education Academic Showcase, Nov. 14, 1998 and click on the title.
Click on Book of Letters.
An introduction will appear, then an alphabetical index where the letters are displayed by last name.
Click on a name to view their letter.

Here are some of the letters which are posted:
Robert "Bob" Adamson – 1959
Denise Theriot Brown – 1982 & 1984
Miles Casbon – 1971 & 1979
Mary & Robert "Bud" Ducharme – 1942
David Fisher – 1950
Yvette Girouard – 1976
Gerald Hebert – 1973
James Kennison – 1958
Andrea LeBlanc – 2001
Leon Moncla – 1950
Frederick Nelson – 1962-69
Cecil Picard – 1959
Corinne Randazzo – 1954
Claude Revels – 1973 & 76
William Stevenson – 1939
Andrew Toney – 1979
Clyde Wolf – 1958 & 1966

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas