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Tributes to Blackham: Videos by TV 3 & 10 – Coaches, Players, Ole-Timers Game, Game Highlights+ more

Originally posted on the AN on Jan. 28, 2011
and back by popular demond.

Jay Walker: Videos of Blackham – Coaches, Players,Ole-timers game, game footage and more

Jay Walker has posted TV video of two "Tributes to Blackham" and they will leave you in awe.

According to Jay,  these were done by KLFY and KATC when Blackham Coliseum was ready to make way for the Cajundome. 1985.

There’s a gap of about 12 seconds between the two features, so let it play out.


Click here to view the video.


The video contains games scenes, the old-timers game featuring Lamar, Flake, Ebron and others and includes segments from former coaches, including Dutch Reinhardt, Beryl Shipley, Jim Hatfield, and Bobby Paschal.

Video of the ole-timers game with Dean Church, Bobby Andrews, Payton Townsend, Roy Ebron, Howard Humphreys, Tim Thompson, Bo Lamar, Jerry Flake, Graylin Warner, and others is included. See the Sweethearts performing on the Blackham floor.

Watch Alonza Allen perform a couple of monster dunks, the view the ratings by the Cajun fans.
Watch Bo shoot his 360 degree shot and his patented jump shots beyond the non-existent 3 point line.

Listen to Dr. James Oliver, first game announcer in Blackham who continued for 25 years, discussing how it was done.

See Deon Rainey’s corner shot to win the NIT game, Bo scoring 62, Andrew burning Auburn for over 30 in one half.

Thank you Jay for this wonderful addition to the memories of our proud basketball heritage.

Peace, Ed Dugas