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Soccer’s Karleen Bedre Q&A, Delivered by RoadRunnerApp.com

 Matt Sullivan, Associate Director of Athletics Communications

Karleen Bedre
Karleen Bedre 

Louisiana Athletics has teamed up with RoadRunnerApp.com to offer a new series on RaginCajuns.com in which student-athletes share details on how they’ve adjusted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and offer insight into their personal lives.
In this Q&A feature article, you will "Get to Kneaux" Ragin’ Cajuns soccer forward Karleen Bedre. The native of Norco, Calif., ranked as one of the top players in the Sun Belt Conference in 2019, leading Louisiana in goals scored (7), assists (5) and points scored (19).
Named as Freshman of the Year by the Louisiana Sports Writers Association, Bedre helped lead Louisiana to a 9-8-3 record and a semifinal berth in the Sun Belt Conference Championships.

What has become your daily routine during quarantine?
 "Wake up eat breakfast, do some homework, study for a little, go for a run/workout eat dinner hangout with family and watch a couple movies before going to bed."
What has Head Coach Key’s message to your team been during this unprecedented time?
 "Coach messages us a lot about staying positive and very persistence on staying home so we can slow down the curve. Some of our zoom calls are very informant which are usually once a week usually what is going on with the school and the city and to keep working hard in this time."
How have you and your teammates stuck together remotely during this challenging time period?
 "We have families that are usually run by captains and we have zoom meetings once a week and Thursday night is our trivia night with the whole team including the soon incoming freshman, and after trivia night we have bible study with some of the girls and I am very close with some of the girls so I regularly message them or chat with them."
An important question: what is your favorite food?
Take us back to when you decided to come to the University and become a Ragin’ Cajun. What about the school helped you make that decision?
 "The team was super cool, and it just seemed like somewhere I could grow with great people around me and It the school and place itself was something new and I was always looking for a new adventure."
What is your earliest sports memory?
 "Having to play goalie because I was scoring too many goals."
Growing up, your sports hero was who? And why?
 "Mia Hamm because soccer player of her time, even for a girl she beat some men’s soccer records which inspired me, and she played my position."
What is your major, and what about it do you like most?
 "Geology – I really like how it is different than what most people considering doing and that with it I can eventually make a difference while enjoying the topic itself."
What class have you enjoyed most at the University so far?
 "I really enjoyed my history class although it was hard I really liked my professor who taught really well and probably Biology 110 although it was the HARDEST class I have ever had, it was one of my favorites because I had an awesome study group and it was fun staying late in library to study with the other soccer girls."
What are your plans after your academic and athletic career at Louisiana is done?
 "I’m not really sure, I don’t really know how I want to use my geology degree, but I want to make a difference in my field of study and hopefully play soccer for as long as I can. I would love to eventually play on a professional team."