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McMillan Pool Dedication October 13, 2017

The SIP photo currently posted includes the two support groups which were a big part of Margaret McMillan’s life, one dedicated to the university.

While fostering her love for the two support groups and her love for aquatics, Margaret served on the USL HPE faculty from 1941-1977.
Viewers are encouraged to type McMillan in the Last Name Box (upper left, home page) and click the Red Search Button to visit her profile. It provides an excellent background of this outstanding educator and community leader. Several articles are included.

You are encouraged to click Photo Gallery > Cheerleaders, then Red Jackets to view the yearly photos of those two groups.

The Red Jacket Photo Gallery includes their Reunions from 2004-2020. Yes, if would be wonderful if their spirit and support could be cloned. They were the “Queens” which it came to fostering school spirit.

There are also links which include the Red Jackets and Cheerleaders in the Ragin’ Cajuns Reunions and Special Events. Please click that banner on the right side of the News. Thanks.

Thanks to John for posting the SIP Photo.

Peace, Ed Dugas
February 15, 2024