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June 15, 2024 SIP Features the 2006 Augie Tammeriello Football Reunion

Reunion activities of the Tammeriello Football Reunion were held on November 27 and 28, 2006 and the team was recognized at half-time of the Football game on Saturday. Please click below the SIP photo on the home page to be taken to that Photo Gallery.

Please click the photo gallery of www.athleticnetwork.net  then the name of the team or support group whose galleries you wish to view. These are posted by specific names and each are organized by years in chronological order.

Please click the Photo Gallery, Football – then any of the 1974-79 years for the Tammeriello Football years.

Please place Tammeriello in the Last Name Blank of the home page, click the red search button to view Augie’s profile.

Please share this information with those teammates and others in your email address book. Thanks.

Thanks to John Dugas for posting the SIP photo and links.

Peace, Ed Dugas