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Joe Murry, Weightlifting 1965-68 and Track & Field 1965-69, to be honored by Buffalo Bills

Joe Murry is being inducted into the Buffalo Bills Weightlifting Hall of Fame because of his work with the NFL Buffalo Bills football during the 1970s when he was the Bills’ strength coach. Congratulations to Joe who will be recognized by the Bills on June 22. He and his wife Jane will be making a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Please go to www.athleticnetwork.net , type in Murry in the Last Name Blank on left side of the home page, click the red search button on the right of that blank and his name when the Murry page appears. You will enjoy his athletic network profile, as it contains much interesting information about his life after graduating from USL.

Peace, Ed Dugas
Posted May 28, 2024