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History & Traditions: Cornerstones of prominent universities – statues,bust,flag,reunions + more

In the hustle and bustle of daily events, especially near holidays, sometimes news stories do not reach their intended targets.

Often because these stories are not about last night’s game or some outstanding recognition of one of our teams or one of our players, they are glossed-over because of lack of time. The stories below hold lofty positions and memorable status in the history and traditions of Athletics and the University. You are encouraged to view each of them.

Please click on the links below to view some of the stories you may have missed or want to review:

Click here for the photos/overview of the 2019 Men’s Basketball Reunion (Focus on the 1956-57 team) and Recognition held on Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019. The album includes their pre-game meal, visits to Dolores Shipley and Annette & Gale Breaux, half time recognition at the ULM game, post-game social, and more.

Click here for the obituary of Steve Gossen, which includes a footnote link below the obituary for the story (Louisiana Victory Run: Birth of a Tradition) of the World’s Largest Louisiana Flag revised by Steve in 2001. An update to Steve’s flag story has been added in the footnote section. The flag is uniquely displayed prior to our home football games, weather permitting.

Click here for the University Links, then click on the posting of the 41 Videos and 147 Book of Letters surrounding the University Centennial Celebration in 1999. (Alumni, Faculty, Administration, Students share their university experiences in a unique manner). With tables of contents for each area, viewers are able to select which video or letter they wish to review. Almost 100 years of history are included.

Click here for the Living Memorial devoted to Bill “Blackjack” Landry. Scroll down for the latest addition to this unique memorial – Faux Pas Becomes Tradition: The Blackjack, Lou Polk, and Chip Cajun Field First Line-Marking Story by Joseph “Chip” Sanches.
Please read to the end and learn how this innocent error became a trend in college football – all starting with the first marking of the lines at Cajun Field.

Click here for the story about the establishment of the Geri Ann Glasco Memorial Scholarship.

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas