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Former Track & Field: Stu Blue, former UL Track Star and T/F Official Visited by Tex AM Track Coach

May 1, 2021 update:
Stu passed away at 4:30 A.M. this morning. Our condolences to his family and teammates. He was a good friend who loved Track & Field and the university. His obituary will be posted on www.athleticnetwork.net once it is finalized.

Karen and Jamie were vigilant in their care-taking. He could not have been in better care.

Peace, Ed Dugas

Please click on Jamie Blue Guidry’s facebook page and view the stories by three local television stations in Lafayette.


While on their way to the LSU Boots Garland Track & Field Meet on Friday, Pat Henry, head coach and the Texas A & M Track & Field team altered their bus route to stop by the home of Stu Blue to present him with the honor of being placed in the Texas A & M Track and Field Officials Hall of Fame.

Stu, a long-time Texas A &M, LSU, and UL Track & Field official was a star of the USL teams from 1966-69.

Click here for his Athletic Network Profile. 

Click here for the 1969 Track & Field photo gallery.

A special thanks to Jamie for keeping the Athletic Network updated on his health status.

Peace, ed dugas