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Former Athletics Communications – Tennis Writers Honour ATP’s Greg Sharko

Bud Collins Award presented to ATP’s data guru Greg Sharko in New York City  

Greg Sharko, joined by ATP Senior VP of PR & Marketing Nicola Arzani, receives his award from International Tennis Writers co-presidents Isabelle Musy (far left) and Paul Newman (far right).  

Tennis writer Jon Wertheim once dubbed him “the Roger Federer of tennis research”. Now as the go-to man for all things data and stats-related in tennis media, well-known statistician king Greg Sharko has been recognised with the Bud Collins Award.  

Officially the ATP Director of Media Information, “The Shark” has been a fixture of the ATP since 1986. He has edited the yearly ATP Media Guide since 1990 and is best known for his extraordinary depth of tennis facts and stats. 

The International Tennis Writers Association honoured Sharko in New York City on Sunday night for his three decades of service to the media. “I’m very honoured to be the first recipient from the ATP of the Bud Collins Award,” Sharko said.

“To receive this award from the ITWA members means a lot to me. Bud’s contributions to our sport will always be remembered. I have been blessed and grateful to have been with the ATP for 31 years and I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to be part of such a great team that delivers a valuable service to our friends in the media.”

Sharko was presented with the award in memory of Collins – one of the most prominent figures in tennis media and a long-time member of ITWA – who passed away in 2016.

"Greg has been of invaluable assistance to the media for more than 30 years," ITWA Co-president Paul Newman said. "If you have a question about statistics in particular, Greg is your go-to man. He is a mine of information and always willing to help."

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Source: ATP World Tour website

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Athletic Network Footnote by Dr.Ed Dugas:
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Information provided by Doug Ireland, First Assistant SID at USL, in email to Ed and Dan McDonald, Former Director of
SI: What a fabulous piece of news about Greg Sharko!  He has certainly represented his alma mater with distinction. All because Dan gave him a chance, sight unseen. Very cool news! 
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