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Dec. 7, 1941 Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii – view our UL military heroes + surrender video

Recent additions (with photo in military attire) to the Military Page include Hubert Blanchard, Jr., Walter Imahara, and Brady Muth. Their stories will warm your heart. Freedom isn’t free. We thank all of our military veterans for their sacrifices to keep us free.  

December 7, 1941 marked the start of the U.S. involvement in World War II.

Many of our UL athletes and support group members of that era were part of our fighting force.

To view information and some pictures on our military heroes of WW II, please click on the photo gallery (left side of home page), then the link"Click here for "Military Athletes and Support Groups"  below the menu.

Scroll down for the alphabetical listing of our military personnel. Each has a link alongside their name where you may click to view their Athletic Network profile.

We thank each of them for their military service.  God bless America and may the United States remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Click here for video of the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay, Japan Sept. 2, 1945 ending WWII.

Please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu with information/picture of any military heroes who are not included(or to include more information or a photo to that which is already posted) We endeavor to include all who served in the military.

Examples of some of World War II heroes include:
Ivan Baker – served with Patton in France and Germany, involved in Battle of Bulge;
Thomas E. Bickham, Jr. – pilot who flew 26 combat missions over Germany;
Marion H. Schorr Brown – Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASP);
Clyde Didier
– completed 28 missions over Germany as a tailgunner;
Edwin J. Dressel – served in WWII and gave his life in the Korean conflict;
Dr. David Fisher – flew 22 combat missions over Japan and other search/rescue missions;
Judge Kaliste Saloom, Jr. – Army Counterintelligence Corps 1952-45 
Frank Summers
– navy commander who served in the Pacific and allegedly took pictures of Hiroshima after the bomb;
Jack Voitier – gave his life for his country during the war;
Herman Zeringue – served in the Pacific Theatre from Dec., 1943 to Nov., 1945.

These are only a few examples of our military heroes. You are encouraged to view the list, click on their profile and enjoy some of the most interesting reading one could ever imagine. They helped changed the course of history and the world is better for their service to our country. They are affectionately known as, "the greatest generation."

Peace, Dr.Ed Dugas