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Coach Russ Faulkinberry Tribute – Foundation Activated

To view, click on the "Tribute to Louisiana Coaches" (Banner on the right side of the News Box), then Coach Faulkinberry’s Tribute. It provides special recognition of our former coach in a unique manner – fond memories written by his former players and support staff. 

Three sections comprise the tribute: His biography written by Jim Doyle, section II designed by the AN with links to other postings on the AN, and section III, the "heart" of the tribute, LMs written by former players and support groups. Currently there are 17 LMs posted, but this is only the foundation. While secions I & II are completed, section III is a work-in-progress and opened-ended with space for more LMs. Former players and support group members are encouraged to consider documenting their memories of Coach Faulkinberry and be part of his tribute. 

The Faulkinberry Tribute Steering Committee members included Jim Doyle Football 67-70; Carlton Falgout Football 59-62, Track 59, Weightlifting 61 & 62; Tom Kelly Football 61-63; J.Y. Mula Baseball 1960-62, Football 61 &  62;  Dr. Michael Neustrom Football 1965-68; Cliff O’Neal Football 57-61; Edward Pratt Football 64-67; Edwin Preis, Jr. Football 65-68; Jerry Streva Football 61-63; O’Neal Weber Football 62-65.

Special appreciation is extended to O’Neal Weber for serving as chair, Jim Doyle for writing Coach Faulkinberry’s biography for the tribute, and the committee members who put forth a strong team effort to bring the foundation to fruition. Ed Pratt is to be commended for his efforts to identify, locate and encourage former players to participate.

Appreciation is extended to each person who submitted a Living Memorial and/or who donated to the design, construction, maintenance, and updating of the Faulkinberry Tribute. The tribute was only made possible through your participation. 

Participants in each tribute become owners of the tribute by virtue of their LM and their donation. It really belongs to them,  without filters between them and their beloved coach.  

Construction beyond the foundation of the tribute will continue as former players and support staff are encouraged to participate in honoring "the winningest coach in university football history” by email your Living Memorial (LM) to athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu

Further appreciation is extended to John Dugas and David Faber, Athletic Department Staff, and Ethan Duhon, AN Student Worker for their technology efforts in this new area of unique and special historical preservation on the Athletic Network.  

Former players of Yvette Girouard and Robert "Bob" Cole are at different stages of construction of the tribute for their coach. The foundation of the Yvette Girouard Tribute was activated on August 2, 2017.  

Please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu for more information about the Tributes to Louisiana Coaches.

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas