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Celebrating the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Founding Day

enews@louisiana.edu  July 16, 2020

On July 14, 1898, the Louisiana legislature voted to establish the Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute, which would grow to become the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We celebrate our Founding Day every year on July 14, marking the day the University’s history began.

Campus has changed significantly since we welcomed our first class of students. Explore how the University looked then and now.

Slide the divider on each photo from left to right to see iconic campus locations as they were and as they are now. If you’re on a phone or tablet, the viewing experience is best if you turn your screen horizontally.

Click here for the photos.

Martin Hall

State Sen. Robert Martin authored and fought to pass the original legislation that established UL Lafayette in 1898. The University’s main administrative building, Martin Hall, was named after him.

Built in 1901, the original Martin Hall was the first building on campus. After it fell into disrepair, it was demolished and rebuilt in 1963.