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Baseball’s Carter Robinson Q&A, delivered by RoadRunnerApp.com

Louisiana Athletics has teamed up with RoadRunnerApp.com to offer a new series on RaginCajuns.com in which student-athletes share details on how they’ve adjusted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and offer insight into their personal lives.

In this Q&A feature article, you will "Get to Kneaux" baseball’s Carter Robinson. Robinson has a successful first year with the Ragin’ Cajuns tossing 20.2 innings while owning a 2-1 record with a 1.31 ERA. 

What has been your daily routine during the COVID-19 quarantine?
CR: Honestly, it’s been tough for me to set a daily routine. I try to get up no later than 8 a.m., immediately make my bed, and do some sort of physical activity every day. Other than that, it’s been pretty variable.

What has Coach Matt Deggs message to your team been during this unprecedented time?
CR: Coach Deggs has been encouraging without being unrealistic. He recognizes there’s still uncertainty surrounding the whole situation but has made it abundantly clear that we’re gonna get through this. 

How have you and your teammates stuck together remotely during this challenging time period?
CR: The team has a couple group chats we talk in. It’s been interesting to see what everyone’s doing now that they’re back home.

Take us back to when you decided to come to the University and become a Ragin’ Cajun. What about the school helped you make that decision?
CR: The two biggest factors in my decision were the winning history of the program and the fans. Before my visit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. College sports in the south are way different than they are out here in the west. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who calls himself/herself a college baseball fan in AZ. In Lafayette, you can’t drive a mile without seeing a bumper sticker or a flag or something else in support of UL baseball.

What are your plans after your academic and athletic career at Louisiana is done? 
CR: Hopefully I’ll be playing for a paycheck somewhere. Don’t know where that’ll be but I’m gonna pitch until no one lets me anymore. After my career, I could see myself going into coaching or teaching. Maybe carpentry too. Being stuck in an office five days a week sounds like my worst nightmare, so definitely something where I can work with people or make things. 

What is your major, and what about it do you like most? 
CR: My major is English. Growing up, I always liked my English teachers the best (shoutout to Mrs. Garner, Mr. Richards, Ms. Grace, Mrs. Jellison, Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Metcalf). That hasn’t changed in college. The field just seems to attract interesting people. Prof. Stear and Prof. Healy at UL are some of the best professors I’ve had in all four years of college.

What is your earliest sports memory?
CR: My earliest baseball memories are of playing catch with my dad in the street in front of our house. 

Growing up, your sports hero was who? And why?
CR: Growing up I always idolized Randy Johnson. Got to see him in person a couple times when I was a kid. Luis Gonzalez was another, but I always wanted to be a pitcher.

An important question: what is your favorite food?
CR: Tough one. I’m gonna say it’s a tie between mashed potatoes and carne asada fries.