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Athletic Network Set to Re-Launch on December 13th

After a two-year hiatus, the Athletic Network Team is excited to announce that the Athletic Network will go live again on Wednesday, December 13th.

From December 2021, until recently, the Athletic Network Team has left no stone unturned to continue operations. “Rebuilding” the Athletic Network would be no simple task, as it could not just be moved to another server. We partnered with Fjorge Web Design and Development, who provided us with a customized solution to not just bring the Athletic Network back to life, but to modernize it and make it better. Over the last two years, we were approached by longtime supporters of the Athletic Network who expressed interest in getting the AN back on line.

In late October, a significant donation was made to the Athletic Network by Edmond “Bruce” Bentley, Men’s Basketball Student Athlete and Manager, 1966-69. Bruce and I had spoken earlier about the current dilemma of the Athletic Network and his donation came at a time of need. Bruce had described the importance he felt for the university to have a communications vehicle such as the Athletic Network website readily available at no charge to our athletes, support groups and the Cajun Nation. He echoed the feelings of his mother, Dr. Doris Bentley, long-time faculty member in the College of Business Administration who was a strong supporter of the AN. It was those combined feelings which motivated Bruce to assist in the reactivation of the Athletic Network. Appreciation for his donation in his mother’s name is hereby acknowledged.

Peace, John and Ed Dugas
Ed – athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu
John – john.dugas@louisiana.edu