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Athletic Network: Navigational Tips for Quickly Locating An Athlete or Support Group Member

Navigational Tips for Quickly Locating An Athlete or Support Group Member

The mission of the Athletic Network is "to identify, locate and communicate with former athletes and their support groups."

Please click here for the Navigational Tips Page.  Additional tips for ease of navigation are included on that page.

So, what is the quickest and most accurate way to locate the profile of a former athlete or support group member?

This can easily be done with a few clicks. When one clicks on www.athleticnetwork.net they are brought to the home page.
In the upper left of the home page is Louisiana Ragin’  Cajuns Athletic Network logo. While navigating the site, clicking on the AN logo in the upper left, will bring the viewer back to the home page.

Below the AN logo on the home page is the link to Submit/Update Profile. If you need a password to update, follow the link and when your password is requested,  click and our host will email one to you. Using the password our host emails to you, continue the process and you may open, update, and submit the updated profile profile. Once received by the AN, it will be reviewed and posted. All profiles submitted and updated are reviewed before posting to retain the integrity of the website. Thanks.

Problems? – email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu

Below the link to Submit/Update Prifile is a category entitled Search the Network. It contains four search engines which can quickly help viewers locate a profile.

The first search engine is Last Name.  Type in a person’s last name and click the Red Search button on the right side. When you do, all the last names of the name entered will be listed alphabetically by first name. Click on the name you are seeking and the profile will appear.
The spelling of the last name must be 100% accurate or the name you seek will not appear.  You may retype the last name using another spelling, but if this also fails, the second search engine is recommended.

The second search engine is the Select a Team. Click on the Select a Team, then highlight and click the team you wish to search. A new page will appear alphabetically listing the team rosters beginning with the most current year. Scroll down to the year when the athlete was a member of that team and click on her/his name.  Teams which are no longer sponsored by the Athletic Department are listed, including Gymnastics/Trampoline, Weightlifting, Wrestling, etc.  Yes, the 1901 Football Team is posted.

The third search engine is Select a Group. Click on the Select a Group, then highlight and click on the Support Group you wish to search. Follow the same procedures as Select a Team.  There are currently 28 support groups listed. These members served our athletes in various capacities and many were significant in their lives.

The fourth search engine is Select a Year. Click on Select a Year, then highlight and click on the year you wish to search and all profiles with attributes for that year will be posted. It is massive, so allow time for it to upload.

Please email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu with questions about how to locate a person’s profile or to submit the name of a person whose profile is not listed. Thanks.

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas