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Athletic Network: Don Blair accepts post as Coordinator of Athletic Network Facebook- from our files

Don Blair – Athletic Network Facebook Coordinator – April 2, 2013

Congratulations to Don on the exceptional job he is doing of promoting www.athleticnetwork.net and www.ragincajuns.com through the AN Facebook.
April 2, 2014

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April 2, 2013 

The Athletic Network is pleased to announce that Don Blair has accepted the position of Athletic Network Facebook Coordinator. We are pleased that Don has stepped forward to be the first person to fill this position. Your support of his efforts is appreciated.

When asked to provide background information to our Athletic Network viewers regarding his background, Don’s response is below:

"I’m a Texas native who came to UL a good many years ago to play football. The Cajuns of both UL and of Acadiana adopted me and I adopted them in return. I pretty much bleed Vermilion Red. I love UL in general and UL Athletics in particular. I also love music, singing, and I’m a history buff. UL has a Cajun culture at its base, but is also rich in diversity and international culture. It honors its pro and Olympic athletes, but its amateur athletes as well. It values its fans, supporters, and sponsors of all types and ages.

I’m pumped to be the Athletic Network Facebook Coordinator. If you do your part to keep your comments candid (but Cajun cordial, constructive, and clean), we can revisit a rich athletic past of many eras, focus on that all-important here and now, and look forward together to an extra-bright and promising future."

Through Don’s postings the Athletic Network Facebook Page will attempt to reach former athletes and support groups who are not currently connected with the AN, as well as many of those in the Cajun Nation who want access to the historical holdings on www.athleticnetwork.net and the depth and breath of current information on www.ragincajuns.com The Athletic Network Facebook Page will endeavor to accomplish that goal. Please inform others about the Athletic Network Facebook Page. Thank you.

Please click below for Don’s Athletic Network profile.

Please join the Athletic Network staff and viewers in welcoming Don Blair to the Athletic Network Facebook Coordinator position and may many likes be looming on his horizon. Thank you.

A special acknowledgement is extended to David Faber and John Dugas for their assistance in helping make the Athletic Network Facebook page possible. It is appreciated.

The Athletic Network Facebook postings are an addition to the current AN activities. 

Peace, Ed Dugas