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Athletic Network Brochure (2014) and Athletic Network Handout Card (2018) posted in Photo Gallery

Since August 28, 2002, the Athletic Network has tried a variety of ways to promote the existence of www.athleticnetwork.net so those who seek news of the Cajun Nation may have another vehicle at their disposal – one that would be available 24/7/365 on the internet at no charge to viewers. 

After years of building our data base by posting current news, history, photo galleries, profiles, obituaries, reunions, etc., it was realized that the best way to build our follow ship, was to request assistance from our current viewers. So without using any funds for advertising, we relied on our best source of building the Cajun Nation – our current viewers.

In order that we may continue to provide the high level of visibility our current/former athletes and their support groups should realize and deserve, two documents are readily available to you. 

Please click on www.athleticnetwork.net  – Photo Gallery (on left side of news box). 
In the vertical listings are two items which you may want to use to encourage others to learn about our rich history and traditions.

The first one is the Athletic Network Brochure – posted in November, 2014 and the other is the Athletic Network Handout Card which is posted now and which will be distributed soon. 

Viewers are encouraged to send these to other Cajun Fans so they may email athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu and begin receiving the complimentary electronic newsletter.

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Peace, Dr. Ed Dugas