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Walter Imahara’s recently published autobiography, “I Am An American: Japanese American, Asian Cajun

This email from David Meltzer provides essential information about Walter Imahara’s recently published autobiography. This is a must-read for any American, especially those who value family, freedom, hard work, and perseverance. Peace, ed dugas

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I’m writing to you with information about Walter Imahara’s recently published autobiography, "I Am An American: Japanese American, Asian Cajun." It is now available at Lulu.com; the URL is https://www.lulu.com/; just type "Imahara" in the Search window. The direct-purchase link is http://www.lulu.com/shop/walter-m-imahara-and-diane-koos-gentry/i-am-an-american-japanese-american-asian-cajun/hardcover/product-24393157.html


The book has a list price of $70.00, but it is available on the Lulu.com website for $59.50 plus tax and shipping. I expect it to be available on Amazon within the next few weeks, at the list price. It is a large-format hardcover with over 250 photographs and line drawings, most in full color. The complete pagination is xxvi � 237.


The ISBN for the book is 978-0-578-59639-6. Below I reproduce the complete information listing, first from Bowker Bookwire, then, below that, from Lulu.com. Please let me know if you’d like any more information.


— David Meltzer



FROM BOWKER BOOKWIRE, https://www.bookwire.com/book/USA/I-Am-an-American-9780578596396-Imahara-Walter-M-73339665:

I Am an American - a book by Imahara, Walter M.
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I Am an American

Japanese American, Asian Cajun



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Imahara, Walter M.
Gentry, Diane Koos
Foreword by:
Gentry, Diane Koos
Butler, Anne
Meltzer, David E.
Contribution by:
Butler, Anne
Norwood, David
Meltzer, David E.
Appendix by:
Perrin, Warren
Abbey, Buck
Notes by:
Abbey, Buck
Publication Date:
Dec 2019
Imahara Publishing Company
Book Format:
List Price:
USD $70.00
Book Description:

In this engrossing story covering over 100 years of his family’s history, Walter Imahara describes the long and difficult road to success traveled by a Japanese-American family in the 20th century. After long years of intense labor to build a prosperous family farm in California, Walter’s father lost everything when the family was all forced into wartime relocation camps in 1942. Moving to Louisiana after the war they began from scratch, laboring for others and slowly building a stake, and seeing to it that all nine children eventually graduated from college or professional school. After Walter returned from military service as an Army officer, he launched the new family business, a nursery and landscape company that became one of the largest and best-known in Baton Rouge. Widely known as a hard-driving and goal-oriented executive, Walter was elected to the presidency of several regional and national nursery and landscape professional organizations. Meanwhile, he had become one of the best weightlifters in the U.S. and the world, a six-time U.S. champion and gold medalist at the Pan American Games. After a second career as Chairman of the International Weightlifting Federation Masters Committee, he retired to work on his life-long dream of creating botanical gardens to leave as a legacy to his family and to the people of Louisiana.



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