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University: UL magazine ‘˜La Louisiane’™ launches free app

The Daily Advertiser, September 19, 2014


Celebrating its 25th anniversary, “La Louisiane: The Magazine of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette,” is reaching out to a wider audience, thanks to a new app.

The app will connect users with “La Louisiane,” as well as the university’s news feed. It also includes links to videos, social media, the university’s website and Ragin’ Cajuns Athletics.

The free app is available for Appleand Android devices, including smart phones and tablets.

"By embracing available technology, we will also be able to offer our readers and viewers expanded magazine content, from time to time," said Aaron Martin, director of UL’s Office of Communications and Marketing, which produces “La Louisiane.”

Martin said the app will make the magazine available internationally.

"Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to mail copies to alumni who live outside the U.S., because of postage costs. This approach will make ‘La Louisiane’ accessible to everyone,” Martin said.

"The magazine has a lot to offer the general public, beyond the university."

The award-winning magazine covers all aspects of the university, including research, campus development, student life, athletics and alumni.

“The magazine often goes beyond purely academic content by covering topics related to Louisiana’s culture and environment, and economic development,” Martin noted.

“La Louisianereaches about 80,000 readers via direct mail and distribution on campus. Its readership includes students, alumni and other university supporters. It’s also mailed to high school guidance counselors across the state.

"It helps alumni stay connected to their alma mater and helps the university recruit top students. Ultimately, increased visibility through ‘La Louisiane’ helps UL Lafayette grow in stature, which increases the value of the academic degrees our students earn,” Martin added.

The magazine’s history began with the Fall 1989 issue, almost 25 years ago.

"Of course, the magazine has evolved over the years, but it’s been consistent in its quality and message," Martin added.

There are plans to redesign “La Louisiane.”

“It’s likely that the app will have some influence on the changes we’ll make to the print version," Martin said.