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Track & Field: May 8, 1965 USL First Track and Field Title at NSU – Natchitoches

Submitted by Rickey Domingues on August 2, 2015 and written by Robert "T-Bob" Domingues in May, 2015 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of USL’s first track and field title as the University of Southwestern Louisiana. The 1965 title was the first of four consecutive outdoor conference titles won by USL.

USL Track 1965

A Short Story

May 8th, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the first USL Conference Track Title.

        Ed Domingues a native of Erath was one of the best track athletes of Vermilion Parish and of the State in the 1960’s.

        We would like to share a true short story about Ed to help people understand his contribution to the USL Track Program in the mid 60’s.

        The setting is at Northwestern University in the beautiful city of Natchitoches, LA in May of 1965 when Ed led the USL Bulldogs to its first Gulf State Conference Track Title.

        On a Saturday in May of 1965, early in the day Ed qualified to run in the finals of the 440 yard dash. He also ran a 9.7 in the 100 yard dash, but didn’t qualify for the finals. That evening at about 6:00 P.M. Ed ran a leg on the 440 yard relay and placed 2nd, setting a new USL school record.

        As the evening progressed it was time for the 440 dash. Ed was in the 4th lane along with Don Credeur in the 5th lane. They placed first and second in the event and Ed set another school record with a time of 48.1. This race stayed close until the last 100 yard, then here comes Ed (Parrin, the Godfather to all of his friends) to win with his blazing speed in the event.

        As the Conference meet continues things tighten up as Malcolm Robinson wins the one mile and the two mile with record setting times. One of Ed’s closest friends and roommate, Al Nastasi won the 220 yard dash in another record setting performance of 20.7.

        Now the setting for USL’s first Gulf States Conference Track Title is on the line. If we win the mile relay the title is ours and guess who is anchoring the mile relay. Yes, Ed Domingues (Parrin– The Godfather and Captain of the Team).

        The race is set, the gun fires with Jim Barrilleaux leading off and handing off the Baton to Bill Sirmon. Bill holds his own handing off to Don Credeur when Ed gets the final exchange. We are in the hunt for the Title, and as always Ed Does Not Let Us Down. He pulls ahead in the Final Turn with that Beautiful Long Stride that never failed him to win the mile relay with, YES, another record setting time of 3:14.3. Not only a new school record but also a new conference record. Ed’s split that night anchoring the mile relay was 46.9 according to our coach, the late and Legendary Bob Cole.

        Thanks for taking time to read this short true story about Ed (Parrin) Domingues, our team leader and captain of the 1965 Gulf State Champion Track Team.

        This is just one of the many great performances in Ed’s career as a USL Track athlete.