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Student Athlete Showcase on RaginCajuns.com Features Karli Hubbard

Karli Hubbard
Courtesy: RaginCajuns.com           Release: 03/09/2008


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Karli Hubbard

Junior | Outfielder

Lafayette, La.


When did you start playing softball?

I started playing softball when I was about seven or eight.  I played travel ball and summer league. 


Where you always an outfielder?

Playing in the outfield is a new thing for me.  I was a middle infielder and a pitcher until my second year of college when I moved to the outfield.  I love it though.


Which position do you prefer?

Outfield.  I like the diving and going after fly balls and the quick reaction time.  It’s such a thrill to rob a home run or to dive and make a catch that no one thinks you can get.


Can you talk about your game-saving diving catch against Iowa?

It happened so quickly.  I saw it off the bat and saw that it was a shot.  I just told myself, “Go get the ball.” I dove and just caught it. 


Do you prefer being on offense or defense?

All of the above.  I like the outfield a lot obviously.  I like to run and chase down fly balls, but it is also a thrill beating out a throw and getting on base.  It’s also a great feeling to come around to score. 


Do you have any scars?

Yeah, I have my share of scares from playing softball.  I have a nice one on my left arm from the outfield fence.  I also have a few on my knees from diving in the outfield for balls.  


What would be your ultimate SportsCenter highlight?

My ultimate SportsCenter highlight would have to be robbing a home run.  I think robbing a home run against a top ranked team would be a great feeling and I want to be on ESPN doing that. 


What has been your greatest softball moment so far?

My greatest softball moment is, actually one that stands out is when we beat Michigan my freshman year at the Kia Classic.  They were the defending national champions.  We beat them in extra innings out in California.  I can’t tell you exactly how I did, but I remember the win and how it felt. 


How special is it for you to play in your hometown of Lafayette?

Playing at home is awesome.  It is one of the reasons I came here.  It is a great community.  I like the fans that come out to our games.  They are amazing. 


You have been called a “power” slapper by members of the media.  How would you define your hitting style?

I guess you can call me a power slapper.  If you slap the ball and it goes out into the outfield, that can be considered power.  I’m not Katie Smith, who is more of a tap-and-run style of slapper.  I’m old and slow so I have to power slap…just kidding. 


Where do you rank on the team in terms of speed?

Second or third.  Katie Smith is definitely the fastest.  Then it’s me or Vallie.  Vallie is up there, too.  She is pretty fast.

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