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Softball: Players’ Blogs: Bridges, Cuevas, Gaspard

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Gabriele Bridges (Lafitte, LA., Fr., 1B)


Blog: Back home in Lafayette

Finally, we played a weekend series at home. After such a crucial part of the season is over, it feels good to be back on our home field. Lafayette has been a home in more ways than just softball. It has been a place that I can call my second home, even though being able to go to my real home every once in a while is nice. The community that supports us has made it feel so comfortable. They would do anything for you. Just a smile and a thank you is enough to make them happy. To see so many people come watch a bunch of girls having fun on the field, makes you feel at home.

Coming from such a small family environment in high school, UL is a perfect fit for me. Being welcomed with open arms was very fulfilling inside. It made me feel like I was whole. I can remember knowing long before my official visit that I wanted to be a Ragin’ Cajun. With all the people around to support “us” has made the experience fun. Every home game has been a wild ride. To see so many people come out and support what we do whether it’s good or bad is great. It’s like an endless family that seems to grow more and more.

As the season has gone on, I feel like this team has grown in so many ways. We trust each other. It is a group of sisters that are always there to tell you the truth or give you a shoulder to cry on. We may have our differences or our little goofy arguments, but we have each other’s back in what ever situation lies in front of us. You may be having problems or be in a slump, but there is always someone right there in the same position to get you through it. I have never played on a softball team so close before. It is so unique how we mesh so well. We have matured as a team, but we still have so much more to strive for. We’re not finished growing until that championship game.

Blog: Brittany Cuevas (Brazoria, Tx., So., P)

It was finally Saturday, April 5th! Our first home series was finally here, and boy was it great to be back at Lady Cajun field. Spending almost the whole month on the road left us ready to be back and what a great day for two home games. The peanuts smelled (and tasted) amazing as they always do. The concession stand was cooking my favorite Cajun dish—red beans and rice. The hitters were dropping bombs in the cages…if that’s even possible in a batting cage. We could hear the baseball game and see their fireworks. The defense looked sharp and we were all ready to go! It was great to stand on our home field with all our family, friends, and fans cheering us on. I have played all over the country and there are no better fans than the loyal fans we have here. It was great to hear them cheering for us again. I have to agree with Soto, there is no better feeling than coming out of the locker room to see your family there waiting to give you a hug. Although I’m a lot closer to home than Soto, my parents can’t make it as often as I would like and it is great to see them when they can come. 

We had a great weekend on the field, coming away with a series sweep. The hitters were dropping bombs left and right, the defense was awesome as always, and the pitching was dominating. It is an honor and a privilege to be a Ragin’ Cajun! The girls on this team always have each others back, both on and off the field and it is an amazing feeling to be with twenty-three other girls and three coaches all working towards a common goal.

We had a great weekend back at Lady Cajun Park. There are so many people who come together to watch, help, and prepare us to play this great game. There are more people dedicated to this game than can be seen, and it’s very important to us that they know we appreciate all that they do and how they continue to make this dream possible for us.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

Joshua 1:9

Vallie Gaspard (Maurice, La., So., OF)

Blog: Slappers

A slapper is someone who does not try to smash the ball or hit it over the fence, NOT because we can’t just because we don’t want to show off. Kidding! The popular question lately seems to be why do yall do that bunting/slapping stuff? Reason number 1: We are the miniatures of the team. We work out with two and a half pound weights and we use what is called “the baby bat” because anything else is entirely too heavy for us. Reason number 2: We are the speed of the team. Our job as slappers is to get on base and get into scoring position so that our big hitters can either score us on a base hit or send a ball flying over the outfield fence making their glory that much better because it is not just one run but two or three. Now you wonder what is a slapper? Slappers practically put the ball in play and run like the wind. It sounds easy right. Not so much!! Our first obstacle is we are running at the incoming ball. Obstacle two is putting the ball into play. Obstacle three is putting the ball in play in the areas that make the defensive play difficult enough to give us a second or two to beat the ball to the base.  So maybe we do not send glow balls flying over the fence, but we do send opponents into spastic shock trying to get the ball out of their glove and on its way to first . . . exciting enough!!

To all of our supporters thank you for everything! You make what we do even more exciting and cherishable. We love you all.