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Softball Player’s Blog: Donna Bourgeois

Donna Bourgeois (Lafayette, La., Fr., P)

Blog: “One Word: Conference!”


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View larger Courtesy: RaginCajuns.com

     Finally, the time has come for conference games to begin. For the past seven months, we the Lady Cajuns, have been preparing for this time. Everyone gets excited around this time of the season, but what is different between fans and the team is the fact that we have been preparing for the past seven months.  


The preparation is where you find true leaders, diligent workers, and the most able-minded athletes. Through strenuous workouts in the weight room and countless hours on the field, only the strong survive. It takes a special kind of person and a strong love to do what we do everyday.


 All of our fans have high expectations for us this season, which is amazing, but trust me, we have even higher expectations for ourselves: confidence is not lacking one bit. Now that the season is in full swing, our minds must remain strong and our hearts must continue to be eager. We are on our way to the "top of the mountain," as Coach Mike would say.  


     Going back to the main topic, beginning conference play, we can explore the good side and the not so good side. Let me start with the not so good side by saying the weather was not cooperative. Our first day in Tennessee was a rainy day so we couldn’t actually step onto the field. The bright side of Saturday was that we were still able to hit in their indoor facility and make a few adjustments before the big day. When we awoke on Sunday morning the sun was shining and we knew it was going to be a great day.  


     So far this season, adjustments have been the name of the game. Every opponent we have faced has offered a different type of challenge to both hitters and pitchers of the Lady Cajun team. In order to be successful at this level, we must continue to adjust to the opposition. When one becomes great they realize that their real opponent is their self. Being the best does not only consist of being better than everyone else, rather it consists of being the best one can be, based on the talents they were given and the hard work they put in.  


Based on this past weekend alone, we cannot label ourselves "the best," we can do that when we accomplish our ultimate goal. Yes, we scored a total of 20 runs and allowed 2, which is impressive, but we cannot stop there. Granted, this is not a bad team, we just played the game at OUR pace and set the tone on the field. Everyone knows the scores of the two games we played Sunday against Middle Tennessee, 8-1 and 12-1 so I do not think it is totally necessary to recount every play of the game.


I find it more important for you all to know that this team has fight and heart, and we will continue to work as hard as ever before. This season will be a long and interesting ride, when the hard work will payoff, in May and June when it matters most. Our coaches tell us all the time; "We would rather get the breaks in June, than get the breaks now!" We fight to win every game, not by arrogant ways, but with the courage and confidence that we have prepared to be where we are. Pitch by pitch, fight until the end… then fight some more!