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Softball: Player’s Blog: Adele Files

Player’s Blog: Adele Files
Softball  03/19/2008  Courtesy RaginCajuns.com

Adele Files (Erath, La., So., OF)

Blog: Softball and the Great Outdoors

Playing college softball can be very demanding on your schedule, but you can’t forget your other favorite pastimes…

My name is Adele Files. I am a redshirt-sophomore playing outfield and studying Mechanical Engineering. I am from a little town south of Lafayette called Erath. You could definitely call me a "country girl". I love to hunt, fish, camp and to just be outside.

The best softball days, in my opinion, are the most beautiful days of the year. Luckily, softball is a sport in which I can get my fill of being outdoors. The college softball Championship season happens to coincide with my "Championship" hunting season. The good news is that softball has a "non-championship season" in the fall.

During this season we have individual practices, team workouts, a period of team practices, and one or two tournaments. That leaves most of the weekends before championship season for hunting. Also, we get off during the Christmas/winter semester break and this is when I get in most of my hunting. I usually make a trip to South Texas to hunt a deer and/or hogs and ducks. Most other mornings, when I’m at home, I’ll be in my duck blind ready for a 6:05 am shooting time.

The team usually reconvenes for practice about a week before the spring semester begins, but we don’t travel for another few weeks. So, I can usually make a few more hunts leading up to the close of duck and goose season.

My teammates like to joke around with me about hunting, especially when I show up to practice with my 4-wheeler loaded into the bed of my pick-up truck…But they sure do love when my dad cooks wild game-like Turtle Sauce Picante-for them. 🙂

Playing softball is one of my favorite things to do, but it is also very relaxing to get away from civilization and enjoy nature and the outdoors. I am really glad that the sport I love allows time for my other passions and allows me to enjoy the outdoors!