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Soccer: Senior Stories by Stephanie Lynch

Senior Soccer Stories
Soccer  10/09/2007  Courtesy RaginCajuns.com

Hey Cajun Soccer Fans!


It’s Steph Lynch reporting here for this week’s “Senior Soccer Stories”.  This weekend was quite an exciting one! We opened up our home conference play with two fantastic wins!  Our overall record is now 6-5-2 and 2-1-1 in conference. 


On Friday afternoon, I walked into my apartment to find my feisty roommate, Kristen Malen, jamming out to Mudvayne and yelling at the top of her lungs to myself and others, “Are you ready to WIN tonight?!”  At the exact moment, my intuition told me that we were going to roll over UALR.  Man, was I ever right! Our intensity in that game never slipped up for the full 90 minutes.  Courtney Hofland started everything off by scoring in the first 45 seconds of the match.  Fifteen minutes later, Kelli Jestes scored a goal that pocketed into the left hand side of the net (I know because I was directly behind her when she shot! It was pretty too!) In the second half, Courtney scored a perfect direct kick at the top of the box.  It was low and away to the left hand side of the net (Once again I had front row tickets to that shot! It was also very pretty!) Katie Fisse finished the scoring with a volley off of a Kat Bergeron cross in the 89th minute of play.   Everyone did there jobs and we left the game victorious 4-0.  


On Saturday morning, we had an hour walk through at 9:00 a.m. (Thanks for the donuts Coach!)   After practice, some of the girls went to the football game, while others’ enjoyed there day with their parents.


Sunday’s match against ASU started off shaky, but ended great.  Callie Oliver netted the first goal within two minutes of play with a low shot to the corner. We were flat throughout most of the first half though.  At half time, a few of the seniors stepped up with what I like to refer to as ‘motivational advice.’  We came out of the locker room ready to dominate, and we were able to turn the intensity up and the game around! Kelli Jestes scored a header off of a Heather Fuller shot in the first three minutes of the second half.  Twenty minutes later, Gayla Foster connected with a corner kick from me! GO GEEG! The final score was 3-1, and a wonderful way to end our weekend.  After the match, the team met at Deano’s Pizza for some food and funnnnnnnnnn!!!


With the team morale riding high, we are headed to south Florida to face FAU and FIU next weekend. 


Shout out to all of our fans! Your support is greatly appreciated!! Also, congrats to the UL football team with their conference win over NT! Good Job Guys!!!




Stephanie Lynch