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Soccer: Senior Soccer Stories

The one and only, Kat Bergeron. 
 The one and only, Kat Bergeron.
 Soccer  10/16/2007   Courtesy RaginCajuns.com

Hello Hellooo,


Well we are back from another long and fun weekend. We were blessed with the opportunity to stay in a hotel on the beach, but don’t worry we knew we were there to take care of business. And of course we did.


On Friday we were set to play FAU and we knew they were going to be ready to play. They had just come off of two huge wins over Denver and Middle Tennessee, and they still wanted revenge from last year when we beat them with only thirty seconds left in the match. The match was pretty even throughout until the last three minutes when Callie slotted a ball across the goal and Bridgette slid into the ball to knock it into the net. Only a few seconds later FAU scored off of a corner kick. We then went into overtime and with only four minutes left Callie once again got past the defense and slotted it to Steph Lynch who was there to bury it in the net.  It was a huge win for us and everyone was very excited. That win ranked us at number three in the conference. 


We ended the night with a great meal at Bob’s Italian Restaurant. The food was amazing and we also got dance lessons from some of the waitresses, we had help from a couple of old guys too!


Saturday started off with a workout on the beach followed by breakfast at the best place in Deerfield Beach, Kelly’s. Half of the team went to Ft. Lauderdale with Coach Jen and the other half stayed with Coach at the Beach. The waves were huge and the wind was strong. Tot (Jordan) did not stand a chance, which was apparent when a couple of waves smacked her in the face! Kelli and I decided to take on Courtney and Callie in a touch football game. And while they tried to cheat Kelli and my amazing athletic ability prevailed and we won, OF COURSE! We ended the night at Dave and Buster’s where we got to play some games and enjoy food.


Sunday came and it was again time to take care of business. We were off to Miami to take on FIU. Although we had lots of opportunities we just could not put the ball away, leading to a 0-0 tie after two overtimes.


Coming into this next weekend we have all learned what we are capable of that we need to get the job done when its time to. This upcoming weekend will be one we will never forget because it is Senior Weekend.  It is a chance for us to beat two really good teams and get us that much closer to being conference champions. 


This week I want to shout out to my fellow seniors; Kerri, Bridgette, Winters, ET, Steph, and Kris. We have been through a lot together and it has been a long road.  This is our year I can’t wait to be celebrating with you when we are successful. I love you all and will never forget this journey we have taken together.


Come and watch the Cajuns put on a show this weekend.


The one and only,

Kat Bergeron