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Paul “Buddy” Short – Spotlight on Former Athlete

Paul "Buddy" Short – Spotlight on Former Athlete


Click on the "Spotlight on Former Athlete" banner on the right side of the Athletic Network News Box and be taken to the profile of Paul "Buddy" Short, three-time All-American golfer during the early-mid sixties.  Buddy was the Gulf States Champion in 1965 with an all-time record score of 15 under par.  He placed second in the 1962 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes national tournament in Kansas City.

Buddy was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame on November 12, 1977, along with John Falgout, football, and Steve Brackin, baseball. Part of his induction information included the following statement:  "Short, is one of the greatest, if not the greatest golfer in USL History."

Courtesy of the Official Football Program of the USL vs. Northwestern, November 12, 1977.

To view the pictures of the 1962-65 Golf Teams, click on the Photo Gallery at http://www.athleticnetwork.net/site275.php

Buddy’s profile documents his many golf accomplishments and honors, as well as his many business acheivements.   He is quick to give Mr. Sid Ory credit for his work ethic and business attitude. Note:  Pictures of Sid Ory, Mr. Ragin’ Cajuns, may be found with his good friend Mr. Glynn Abel in the Miscellaneous Link of the Photo Gallery at http://www.athleticnetwork.net/site202.php 

Photo courtesy of Buddy Short:
"The week after Jack Nicklaus won the 1986 Master’s, he and Buddy attended the opening of the Country Club of Louisiana."

Buddy recently wrote that his new hobby is raising Tropical Hibiscus flowers.  He stated, "My new hobby has given me a new gasoline for an old motor. It’s given me a new energy and a new enthusiasm. It’s given me a new motivation to get up and to go to work. What’s surprising to me and others is that I never knew I really liked this stuff, but I obviously do. It has been a life’s blessing and I am so appreciative that at this late stage of a life I have found my answer."

 Photo courtesy of Buddy Short:  "These beauties get my motor going every day"

Buddy is married to Kathleen Romero Short, USL Cheerleader 1967-68, and they have three children: Bobby, Christanna, and Michael.  They are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren. 

According to Buddy, Monday is my favorite day of the week. Why, you ask? Because at 5:10 P.M. I will be hand in hand with three of my little granddaughters. We’ll be standing next to their mailbox and we’ll be listening and straining to see the first glimpse. You see, at 5:15 on Monday the ice cream truck comes by my daughter’s house and we all get to eat some ice cream together. Is that fun? I wouldn’t miss it for anything.


Photo courtesy of Buddy Short:  "These are my ice cream buddies" 

The Athletic Network is honored to place the Spotlight on Former Athlete on Paul "Buddy" Short.  

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