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Nearly 150 Athletes Honored for Academics

Nearly 150 Athletes Honored for Academics
Athletics  07/15/2007  Courtesy RaginCajuns.com

Courtesy: RaginCajuns.com           Release: 04/04/2007
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NEW ORLEANS – Nearly 1,500 student-athletes were honored by the Sun Belt Conference for achieving a grade point average of 3.0 or better, the league announced Friday. Among those honored were 146 student-athletes from Louisiana-Lafayette.

Sun Belt schools combined to have more than 650 student-athletes land on the Commissioner’s List, which honors all student-athletes recording a 3.5 GPA or better during the 2006-07 academic year. The league also had numerous standouts named to the Academic Honor Roll, which is awarded to those maintaining a GPA between 3.0 and 3.49.

The Sun Belt Conference is committed to academic excellence and proof comes in the fact that 12 members schools are currently graduating their student-athletes at a rate higher than their school’s student body.

The Ragin’ Cajuns football team produced 35 academic honorees, including a 12 Commissioner’s List members. The women’s soccer team had a program-best 15 Commissioner’s List members. The women’s soccer and track and field teams each had 21 student-athletes on the academic lists, followed by baseball (18), men’s track and field (16), softball (10), volleyball (9), golf (6), women’s tennis (4) and men’s (3) and women’s (3) basketball.

Louisiana-Lafayette Commissioner’s List and Academic Honor Roll Recipients
Baseball (18)

Corey Chapman, Jr., General Studies (Commissioner’s List)
Geoffrey Craig, Jr., Accounting (Commissioner’s List)
Timothy Beasley, Sr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Gabriel Begneaud, So., Broadcasting (Honor Roll)
Brad Benson, So., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Randall Bulliard, Fr., Kinesiology (Honor Roll)
Matthew Casbon, Sr., Sports Management (Honor Roll)
Chris Caswell, So., Finance (Honor Roll)
John Glass, Jr., Management (Honor Roll)
Blaine Lafleur, Jr., Mechanical Engineering (Honor Roll)
Andrew Laughter, Sr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Michael Levi, Sr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Jonathon Lucroy, Jr., Environmental/Sustainable Resources (Honor Roll)
Dane Maxwell, Fr., Athletic Training (Honor Roll)
Michael Petitto, Fr., Biology (Honor Roll)
Cy Primeaux, Jr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Justin Robichaux, Fr., Undecided Liberal Arts (Honor Roll)
Tim Santiago, Sr., General Studies Applied Sciences (Honor Roll)

Men’s Basketball (3)
Stephen Dees, Fr., Management (Commissioner’s List)
Adam James, Sr., Insurance & Risk Management (Commissioner’s List)
Courtney Wallace, Fr., Undecided Liberal Arts (Honor Roll)

Women’s Basketball (3)
Blair Brodhead, So., Undecided – Liberal Arts (Commissioner’s List)
Katie Boudreaux, Sr., Management (Honor Roll)
Whitney Dunlap, So., Sports Management (Honor Roll)

Football (35)
Tyler Albrecht, Fr., Marketing (Commissioner’s List)
Matthew Desormeaux, So., Civil Engineering (Commissioner’s List)
Michael Desormeaux, Jr., Social Studies (Commissioner’s List)
Hugh Fisher, So., Accounting (Commissioner’s List)
Scott Hayes, Jr., Marketing (Commissioner’s List)
John Hundley, So., Accounting (Commissioner’s List)
Abdul Jamal, Fr., Kinesiology (Commissioner’s List)
Dusty Mack, So., Nursing (Commissioner’s List)
Lamar Morgan, Sr., Management (Commissioner’s List)
Phillip Nevels, Jr., Anthropology (Commissioner’s List)
Wes Simon, Sr., Management (Commissioner’s List)
Robert Terrell, Sr., Business Sytems and Analysis (Commissioner’s List)
Michael Adams, Sr., Broadcasting (Honor Roll)
Kevin Belton, Sr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Brenton Burkhalter, Jr., Biology (Honor Roll)
Ian Burks, Fr., Industrial Technology (Honor Roll)
Jonathan Decoster, Fr., Business Systems Analysis (Honor Roll)
Robert Edmiston, Sr., Public Relations (Honor Roll)
Richie Falgout, So., Management (Honor Roll)
Johnny Felders, Sr., Criminal Justice (Honor Roll)
Jordan Folse, Fr., Mechanical Engineering (Honor Roll)
Josh Harrison, Sr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Erik Jones, Jr., Public Relations (Honor Roll)
Zach Leger, Sr., Industrial Technology (Honor Roll)
Connor Morel, Sr., Marketing (Honor Roll)
Jesse Newman, Jr., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Mark Risher, Sr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Jermaine Rogers, Fr., Criminal Justice (Honor Roll)
Clay Rudick, Sr., Magenement (Honor Roll)
Michael Schultz, Sr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Matthew Ulm, So., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Kyle Ward, Sr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Kale Wildbur, Jr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
LaQuincy Williams, So., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Colin Windsor, So., Petroleum Engineering (Honor Roll)

Golf (6)
Daniel Landry, Sr., Finance (Commissioner’s List)
Michael Smith, Sr., Accounting (Commissioner’s List)
Stephen Smith, Fr., Management (Commissioner’s List)
Tomas Disch, Jr., Management (Honor Roll)
John Prejean, Fr., Biology (Honor Roll)
Kyle Pritchard, So., Management (Honor Roll)

Women’s Soccer (21)
Bridgette Adorno, Sr., Biology (Commissioner’s List)
Emily Black, So., Nursing (Commissioner’s List)
Meghan Crawford, Sr., Early Childhood Development (Commissioner’s List)
Dannae Devahl, Jr., Exercise Science (Commissioner’s List)
Taunya Geelhoed, Jr., Public Relations (Commissioner’s List)
Kerri Luyties, Sr., Public Relations (Commissioner’s List)
Stephanie Lynch, Sr., Marketing (Commissioner’s List)
Kristen Malen, Sr., Psychology (Commissioner’s List)
Elyse Manuel, So., Psychology (Commissioner’s List)
Erika Saffer, Jr., Chemical Engineering (Commissioner’s List)
Erin Suckling, Jr., Marketing (Commissioner’s List)
Lindsay Webb, Sr., Early Childhood Development (Commissioner’s List)
Stephanie Weston, So., Exercise Science (Commissioner’s List)
Lyndsey Winters, Sr., Accounting (Commissioner’s List)
Tammy Young, Fr., Psychology (Commissioner’s List)
Kathryn Bergeron, Jr., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Bailey Dunigan, Fr., Visual Art (Honor Roll)
Courtney Hofland, Fr., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Carling Jackson, Jr., Journalism (Honor Roll)
Callie Oliver, So., Elementary 1-5 (Honor Roll)
Taylor Zak, Fr., Nursing (Honor Roll)

Softball (10)
Kelly Cormier, So., Speech Pathology (Commissioner’s List)
Brittany Cuevas, Fr., Mechanical Engineering (Commissioner’s List)
Meagan Godwin, Jr., Speech Pathology (Commissioner’s List)
Shari Sigur, Jr., Finance (Commissioner’s List)
Courtney Trahan, Fr., English (Commissioner’s List)
Vallie Gaspard, Fr., Nursing (Honor Roll)
Amy Helo, So., Child/Family Studies (Honor Roll)
Amanda Hill, So., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Jessica Lemoine, Jr., Visual Art (Honor Roll)
Monique Prejean, Fr., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)

Women’s Tennis (4)
Tammy Day, Gr., Psychology (Commissioner’s List)
Chanell Meijer, Sr., Accounting (Commissioner’s List)
Kimberly Lyles, Sr., Dietetics (Honor Roll)
Myrthe Molenveld, Fr., German Education (Honor Roll)

Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country (16)
Brennan Bernard, Sr., Exercise Science (Commissioner’s List)
Geofrey Goudeau, Jr., Mathematics (Commissioner’s List)
James King, Sr., Political Science/Pre-Law (Commissioner’s List)
Kyle Suire, So., Computer Engineering (Commissioner’s List)
Jordan Folse, Fr., Mechanical Engineering (Honor Roll)
Daniel Hebert, Sr., Accounting (Honor Roll)
Ryan Landry, So., Petroleum Engineering (Honor Roll)
Ben Leonards, Jr., Agribusiness (Honor Roll)
Luke Moody, Sr., Landscape (Honor Roll)
Brandon Orso, So., Psychology (Honor Roll)
William Perkins, Sr., Political Science (Honor Roll)
Micah Rabalais, So., Advertising (Honor Roll)
Chris Sandifer, So., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Peter Stelly, Fr., English Education (Honor Roll)
Kyle Ward, Jr. Political Science (Honor Roll)
Joey Wynn, Fr., Athletic Training (Honor Roll)

Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country (21)
Suzanne Boudreaux, Sr., General Studies/Applied Sciences (Commissioner’s List)
Courtney Cobb, So., Nursing (Commissioner’s List)
Amy Doucet, Sr., Exercise Science (Commissioner’s List)
Ashley Faulk, Fr., Speech Pathology (Commissioner’s List)
Danielle Favinger, Fr., Dietetics (Commissioner’s List)
Lindsey Mertens, Fr., Prevet 2 year (Commissioner’s List)
Tiffany Saltzman, Fr., Exercise Science (Commissioner’s List)
Alix Stelly, Jr., English Education (Commissioner’s List)
Jamie Blue, Sr., Marketing (Honor Roll)
Casey Brown, Sr., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Jasmine Collins, Jr., Child/Family Studies (Honor Roll)
Rilee Dupuis, So., Nursing (Honor Roll)
Stacey Enright, Sr., Management (Honor Roll)
Lina Futi, So., Management (Honor Roll)
Gabrielle Jones, Jr., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Danielle Levi, Sr., Exercise Science (Honor Roll)
Chiara Obey, So., Nursing (Honor Roll)
Callie Picou, So., Nursing (Honor Roll)
Quatisha Rambo, Jr., General Studies (Honor Roll)
Kioloni Readeaux, So., Kinesiology (Honor Roll)
Sade Verdin, Fr., Nursing (Honor Roll)

Volleyball (9)
Erika Castro, Jr., Biology (Commissioner’s List)
Teryn Clause, Fr., Exercise Science (Commissioner’s List)
Tara Cote, Sr., Chemical Engineering (Commissioner’s List)
Kendra Hall, Fr., Athletic Training (Commissioner’s List)
Jessica Pattison, Sr., Apparel Design (Commissioner’s List)
Kim Rodgers, Sr., Apparel Design (Commissioner’s List)
Anahi Torrico, Sr., Biology (Commissioner’s List)
Jamara Saad, Sr., Marketing (Honor Roll)
Jamie Sinegal, So., Kinesiology (Honor Roll)

-The Sun Belt Conference contributed to this release-