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Major Additions to the Athletic Network: 1912-14 Yearbooks & Over 125 News to Lagniappe Stories

1912-14 Yearbook Information Placed on AN website:
The football coach for the 1901-02 team also played fullback.  Ashby Woodson was not only the first football coach for SLII, but played on the team.  Click on Photo Gallery,  Football,  1901.
"Girls of Summer" must have been a popular expression in the 19teens because during the 1912 school year, the Girls’ Indoor Baseball Team was in full swing. To view their team pictures, click on Photo Gallery, Girls Indoor Baseball, 1914 and 1916.  (Note the size of the ball in the picture).

The 1913 Girls’ Basketball Team was an awesome scoring machine.  Although they played only five games, they scored over 100 points in three of them and beat Morgan City High School by a score of 143-15.

Doucet Hall, Education/Math Building on campus, is named after Maxime Doucet, the Quarterback of the Football team (13,14).

The 1914 Baseball Team beat LSU 10-0 to avenge an earlier 5-6 loss that season.

Review of the athletic program using  the 1912-14 yearbooks is completed.   Also, additional information has been added to the 1901-1911 years, but more needs to be researched and documented.
During the above years, the following athletic teams were sponsored by SLII:
Basket-Ball (Boys)
Basket-Ball (Girls)
Girl’s Indoor Basebal
Track & Field
The photo gallery includes pictures, rosters, schedules and scores of those teams, as well as information and pictures of S Club members and the Athletic Association.
Profiles (electronic scrapbook) of athletes during those years have also been posted.  Some include footnotes regarding positions played, offices held, and other school activities. 
The four search engines in the upper left of the Athletic Network home page at www.athleticnetwork.net  can be of great assistance to you in reviewing these years.
1. Example:  click on the Select a Year search link, scroll to highlight and click on the year you wish to review and all participants in the athletic program for that year will appear in near alphabetical order.  One click on their name and their profile will appear.
2. Example:  click on the Select a Team search link, scroll to highlight and click on the team you wish to review and all participants in that sport for that year are listed alphabetically.  One click on their name and their profile will appear.
Please contact the Athletic Network if you have information or pictures from the 1912-14 era.

The Athletic Network is committed to posting information of each sport for each year they represented the university.
If you would like to become involved in this undertaking, please email the Athletic Network at athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu 
News stories of 2007.  
Over 125 stories of 2007 have been moved from the AN News to the Lagniappe Link in the History of UL Athletics. To view, click on the History of UL Athletics, then the Lagniappe link.  Stories beginning with 2007 are posted.
Some of the stories included: Bob Cole, Kevin Fourquier, Blake Anderson, Darryl Mason, Elijah Millsap, Jim Doyle, Yolanda Jones, Brandon Stokley, J. Kelley Hall, Ivan Viator, Jr., Tiffany Whittall Harris, Walter J. Landry, Jr.,  Peter Badawy, Justin Lowe, Holly Tankersley, Fabulous Cajun Chicken, Lacey Bertucci, Karli Hubbard, Michael Smith, Kayla Vice, Jonathan Lucroy, Myrthe Molenveld, Brian Mitchell, Kim Perrot, Don Landry, Lawrence Willis, Justin Robichaux, Ashley Brignac, Byron Starks, David Walker, Charles Tillman, Steve Silvey, Michael Lanston, Hollis Conway,Charlie Mahfouz, Herbert Heymann, Syndey Grace Babineaux, Leigh Hennessy, Chris Cagle, Eddie Perron, Erika Castro, Dean Church, Dr. Ray Authement, Kyle Lavergne, Barbara Authement, Terry Perrin, Tom Nolan, Dr. Dave Fisher, Bridgette Adorno, Stephanie Lynch, Connor Morel, Rickey Bustle, David Alvis, Dr. Joseph Savoie, Craig Perks, Robert Terrell, Cecil Picard, Amie Goodwin, James Clements, John McDonnell, Mel Didier, Heather Mazeitis, Jessie Newman, Rodney Hardeway and Brittany Cuevas.
Some of the stories included:
Women’s Basketball Team beating WKU on the road and going to the big dance;
Ragin’ Jazz performing well at NDA championships;
Softball beating #2 Arizona State:
Tony Robichaux getting his 700th win;
Powerlifting Team performing well at nationals;
Baseball Alumni Weekend Hugh Success;
Baeball wins Sun Belt Title by record margin;
Tailgating at Tigue Moore Field CD Released;
First Athletic Complex Built in 1925;
Cajuns get new turf for indoor practice facility;
Ten new staff added to Athletic Department;
Heymann Football Classic;
Scot Wieland claims 100th win;
Wear Red Day established;
Hall of Fame inducted four new members;
Senior Soccer Stories initiated:
Viewers are encouraged to visit the History of UL Athletics Link, as numerous stories of Cajun athletes and their many accomplishments are contained in those links. 

Dr. Ed Dugas, Coordinator, Athletic Network
Email: athleticnetwork@louisiana.edu   
Web Site: http://www.athleticnetwork.net
Phone: (337) 482 – 0999