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Louis “Louie” Campbell – Spotlight on Former Athlete

Click on the "Spotlight on Former Athlete" banner on the right side of the Athletic Network News Box and be taken to the profile of Louis "Louie" Campbell, S Club Athletic Hall of Fame member and the first Southwestern boxer to win a NIAA Championship.  You may also click here and be taken to his profile http://www.athleticnetwork.net/site.php?pageID=55&profID=577

A product of the depression, Louie learned at an early age how to create income and expanded his resources when he came to SLI.  A proud military veteran and life-long educator, he had visions for Lafayette and lived many of them.  His fitness programs at Lafayette Middle School received national visibility and he loved for visitors to observe his physical education classes so they could see the outstanding levels of physical fitness and development his students displayed.  

Louie Campbell, heavyweight, on March 29, 1941 was the first Southwestern boxer ever to win a NIAA Championship.


Louie Campbell admitted to always playing on the first team, whether high school, college or service football.

Pictured below is the 1940 Boxing Team.

Front Row: Donald Harper, Drew Landry, Harry Deal, Thurman Pardue, Bennett Fontenot, Wilbur Conques. Back Row: Ed Cooley (Student Manager), Andrew "Sam" Crow, James Williams, Louis "Louie" Campbell, Wilson Landry, Fred "Punchy" Logsden, Coach Mitchell

Paul Bergeron, a Southwestern student while Louie was in school and an eye witness to some of his fights, has provided some of his recollections in Louie’s profile.  His attendance at the LSU boxing match makes for very interesting reading. Thanks to Paul for continuing his contributions to the Athletic Network.

Louis Campbell, Head Coach

Click here for pictures of the Boxing Team of 1947  http://www.athleticnetwork.net/site542.php

When it was announced in the fall of 1946 that the school would not be able to support a boxing team,  the Vets’ Club got to work and saw to it that there was a boxing team to represent the school. It took some little time to straighten out the many details of sponsoring the team. There was little doubt that plenty of bouts could be obtained for the team. Louie Campbell and Dean Harrell were named as coaches. Early in the winter an exhibition bout was held to show the public what the school had to offer in the line of boxers.

The problem of lining up opponents who could give the team any competition at all proved to be no easy one.  Most of the larger schools had their schedules made out earlier in the year and could not arrange dates. Bouts were arranged with McNeese Junior College of Lake Charles.

This brought the end of the abbreviated season during which the Bulldogs proved that they were able to move about in fistic circles as easily as they had in pre-war days. Next year the entire squad will be eligible to return to the ring and with the new men we will get this next year should prove to be the nucleus of another great team.

Bruce Brown has graciously allowed the Athletic Network to reprint the chapter on Louis Campbell in his 1980 book entitled "Prides of Acadiana."  This chapter is placed in its entirety in Campbell’s profile.

The Athletic Network is honored to place the Spotlight on Former Athlete on Louis "Lewis" Campbell.  

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The stories of the 2007 honorees in the Athletic Network "Spotlight on Former Athlete" have been placed in the Lagniappe link of the "History of UL Athletics" and also added to their profiles. 

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