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John McDonnell: Spotlight on Former Athlete

John McDonnell: Spotlight on Former Athlete

John McDonnell: Spotlight on Former Athlete

If one clicks on the Spotlight on Former Athlete banner on the right of the AN News Box, they will be taken to the profile of John McDonnell, Cross Country/Track & Field 1966-1969.  Learn of this outstanding person who come to us from across the big pond and went on to be one of the all-time greats at UL, at the University of Arkansas, and in NCAA Track & Field history.  His career continues to flourish, adding to his legacy at the University of Arkansas. The Athletic Network is honored to place the spotlight on former athlete on John McDonnell. 

1966 GSC Cross Country Champs (John is in the center)

Coach Bob Cole with All-American John McDonnell in 1969

McDonnell Family: John, Ellen, Heather, Nicole (Guest), Sean 
April 1, 2006 All Sports Reunion at UL Alumni Center Board Room

Viewers may click on http://www.hogwired.com/HomePage2.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=6100 to view the University of Arkansas Track & Field Website where they can view additional information about John McDonnell and the outstanding program he has built at the University of Arkansas. 

Viewers may click on
to view the University of Arkansas 2007 Track Media Guide which includes images of the new state-of-the-art track complex which was named the "John McDonnell Field."

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John joins the ranks of the 2007 honorees in the Athletic Network "Spotlight on Former Athlete"
June – Michael Langston Football 1973-77;
July – Hollis Conway Track & Field 1986-89;
August – Leigh Hennessy Gymnastics/Trampoline 1976-1980;
September – Dean Church Basketball (M) 1961-65;
October – Dr. David Fisher Football 1946-49 Track & Field 1947-50;
Novermber – Kim Perrot Basketball (W) 1986-90;
December – John McDonnell Cross Country/Track & Field 1966-1969;